11 Early '00s Pink Lyrics That Were Super Badass

by Alexis Paige Williams
George De Sota/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to her career, she's definitely been a shape-shifter with her albums and videos, so it should come as no surprise that Pink will be honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Not only does she have a vast and distinct discography, Pink's lyrics, ever since her start in the early 2000s, have been inspirational, sassy, emotional, and just plain fun.

Pink was singing R&B songs when she first came on the scene in 2000 with her signature fluorescent fuchsia pixie cut. Hits such as "There You Go" and "You Make Me Sick" established her no-nonsense persona. A year later, Pink completely changed up her look, sound, and musical style. Her pop-rock edge brought us the anthem "Get The Party Started" and more introspective ballads such as "Family Portrait."

But whether she's blonde or raven-haired, Pink is always herself, and her music reflects the complexities of womanhood. Early 2000s Pink was only a sneak peek at the star fans would come to know and love over the years as she went on to have major hits with songs like "Just Like Fire" and "Try". Take at look at some of Pink's most badass lyrics from her early days.

1. "There You Go"

"So you say you want to talk, let's talk/If you won't talk, I'll walk, yeah it's like that/ I got a new man, he's waiting out back/ Now what, whatcha think about that."

Pink has always been blunt. She's not going to let a guy tell her what to do or stay in a relationship that doesn't satisfy her.

2. "Most Girls"

"But I'm not every girl and I don't need that world to validate me/ 'Cause Shorty got a job, Shorty got a car, Shorty can pay her own rent/ Don't want to dance if it's not in my heart."

Pink's an independent woman, both in the music industry and in her personal life, who does what she wants.

3. "You Make Me Sick"

"Baby was smooth but I knew it was game/ Hell-of-a-cool but you men are the same."

Whether its 2000 or 2017, guys are still playing games. But Pink can see right through any dude's tricks. You can't get one past her.

4. "Get The Party Started"

"Boulevard is freaking as I'm coming up fast/ I'll be burning rubber, you'll be kissing my ass."

Pink has always been cool — and she knows it. You can't even touch her on the road.

5. "Don't Let Me Get Me"

"It's bad when you annoy yourself/ So irritating/ Don't wanna be my friend no more/ I wanna be somebody else."

Although she may emanate coolness, Pink has her insecurities. What's great about her is that she isn't afraid to admit them, which makes this lyric badass even though it's from a much more introspective and dark song.

6. "Family Portrait"

"In our family portrait, we look pretty happy/ Let's play pretend, let's act like it comes naturally."

Pink removes any facade that she comes from a perfect family. Her transparency here was important.

7. "Just Like A Pill"

"And I swear you're just like a pill/ Instead of making me better/ You keep making me ill."

Equating a significant other to drugs is about as bad as it gets. But Pink sings about finding the strength to run away from the relationship.

8. "God Is A DJ"

"I've been the girl — middle finger in the air/ Unaffected by rumors, the truth I don't care."

Not only can Pink get a party started but she can also be carefree while doing so.

9. "Trouble"

"You can take me/ for a ride/ I'm not a fool out/ so you better run and hide."

In the battle of Pink versus men — always bet on Pink.

10. "Who Knew"

"If someone said three years from now/ You'd be long gone/ I'd stand up and punch them out/ 'Cause they're all wrong."

Well, that's one way to react. Pink obviously handles heartbreak differently than most people.

11. "U + Ur Hand"

"I'm not here for your entertainment/ You don't really want to mess with me tonight/ Just stop and take a second/ I was fine before you walked into my life."

This should be the anthem for every person who's ever been catcalled. It seems like every Pink songs provides listeners with more and more reasons why you shouldn't mess with her. She's a singer with attitude — and that is about as badass and one can be.