11 Easy Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That You Still Have Time To Put Together

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The heat has broken, the leaves have started to turn, and Halloween is but a few skips around the corner. And, if your summer fling is still going strong, you might be in the market for a great Halloween costume to pull off together. If that's the case, check out these easy couples costumes for maximum cuteness and minimum effort.

Though Halloween didn't take off commercially in the U.S. until the '50s, the practice of dressing up for Halloween has some seriously ancient roots. What we currently celebrate on Oct. 31 is a blend of Celtic, Catholic, Pagan, and ancient Roman traditions, according to LiveScience.

Several thousand years ago, Celts ruled parts of Great Britain and Northern France, and brought with them their calendar. The last day? What is now Oct. 31. It was believed to be the last day before winter, a season of darkness and death. Similarly, Gaelic traditions celebrated Oct. 31 with Samhain, which translates to end of summer. In the Gaelic tradition, it was a day when the dead could return to earth. Lest you be attacked by a ghost, it was customary for people to dress in costumes and leave food and drink outside their doors to appease potentially grumpy spirits.

Following the Roman invasion, Samhain melded with Pomona, an end-of-harvest celebration of food and drink. Eventually, the mishmash of cultures and traditions resulted in, ta-da, Halloween!

So, here we are: in 2017, and you're looking for an easy costume. Luckily, these couples costumes are sure to, one, welcome a season of death, two, confuse angry ghosts, and three, usher in the end of the summer.

Two Peas In A Pod

Two peas in a pod, what a classic li'l couples costume. The key element to this costume? An very large hoodie that you share with your costume buddy. Be prepared to get reeeeal cozy.

Lucky 7 Lightweight Beanie, $17, Amazon

Hanes Men's Full Zip Fleece Hoodie, $20, Amazon

Romastory Fluorescent Leggings, $12, Amazon

Archie And Jughead

It's up to you whether you go classic comic strip Archie and Jughead or hyper-polished, CW's Riverdale Archie and Jughead. Either way, you gotta get your hands on that classic blue-and-yellow varsity jacket.

BCPOLO Baseball Jacket, $38, Amazon

Knitted Whoopee Cap (The Jughead Hat) Pattern, $6, Ravelry

ASOS Denim Shrunken Jacket, $76, ASOS


Everyone's favorite early-aughts Nickelodeon cartoon was, in retrospect, a bit unsettling, but it makes a great couples costume. Prepare yourselves: you will have that theme song stuck in your head indefinitely.

E-TING Cat Ears, $7, Amazon

Gosh Violet Clown Nose, $3, Walmart

Long-sleeve Turtleneck, $16, Amazon

Bob Ross And A Happy Tree

Bob Ross, a philosopher for the ages. It's a toss up which is the cuter element to this costume: Bob or one of his happy, rascal trees.

80s Guy Bob Ross Wig and Beard, $12, Walmart

Denim Oversize Cocoon Shirt, $31, Gap

Fall Maple Leaf Garland, $16, Amazon

The Martians From Sesame Street

The ability to unhinge your jaw would make this costume a lot more authentic, but I guess you can settle for pretending to discover everyone's iPhones.

Fashion Faux Fur Fabric, $17, Joann

Fashion Faux Fur Fabric, $21, Joann

Ping Pong Balls, $5, Amazon

Bob And Linda Belcher From Bob's Burgers

Love puns? Crave dinner theater? The Belchers from Bob's Burgers are your ideal costume.

Amomoma Round Eyeglasses, $11, Amazon

Fun Express Novelty Mustaches, $6, Amazon

Kitchen Professional Bib Apron (4-pack), $17, Amazon

Heat Miser And Cold Miser

Key elements: the willingness to sing the "Heat Miser/Cold Miser" song from A Year Without A Santa Claus (the prime '70s-era claymation holiday film) and a lot of glitter.

Flame Wig, $27, Amazon

Morris Costumes Punky Pixie Wig, $13, Amazon

TrendsBlue Striped Scarf, $10, Amazon

Abbi And Ilana From Broad City

I mean honestly which get-up do you even choose? The time Ilana wore a dog hoodie? The time Abbi got her wisdom teeth out? The time Abbi dressed as Ilana?

Soulstice 'Cleaner' Shirt, $19, RedBubble

Basic Dog Hoodie, $13, Baxter Boo

Paris and Nicole

It's an excuse to wear everything you thought cool girls wore circa 2004. So hot.

Ladies Black Choker Necklace, $10, Amazon

AvaCostume Denim Corset, $24, Amazon

Pleated Ruffle Short Mini, $24, Amazon

Silent Movie Couple

A great choice for people with social anxiety and/or extremely subtle queens of shade. Be sure to bring plenty of speech cards with a host of answers.

Costume Party Dress Up Hat, $9, Amazon

Vijiv Vintage Gatsby Dress, $35, Amazon

Hero V. Villain From GLOW

What's more fun than creating an alter-ego, dousing yourself in glitter and fighting all night? Nothing.

Balera Strappy Sequin Leotard, $50, Dancewear Solutions

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel, $14, Amazon