11 Instagrammable Hand Soaps, Because Your Bathroom Deserves A Chance To Shine

Nothing makes me feel as though I have my sh*t together more as an almost-adult as when I have a boujee, grown-up hand soap in my bathroom. Guests will feel pampered, and the space looks like it belongs on an Instagram grid. I love a hand soap, and am a sucker for a product that looks as cool as it is effective. With this in mind, I've picked out 11 fancy hand washes to make your bathroom super boujee, with options for all budgets, and with recommendations that are environmentally friendly.

The trend for cool, Instagrammable bathroom hand soaps really began with Aesop's bestselling hand washes (there are two), which come in large brown bottles with a handy (pun not intended) pump. As well as in Instagram-famous bathrooms, they are also used in some of the fanciest restaurant and hotel bathrooms in the world, most notably Gramercy Park Hotel in New York; a super swanky location that uses 250,000 units of the stuff every year.

The appeal of a fancy hand wash has continued to grow, and now many of your favourite bath and body brands offer some chic options that smell amazing and leave hands feeling soft and nourished afterwards. Check out my pick of the best below.