11 Feminist Series To Watch On Netflix

Sometimes you just need to watch something feminist that encourages you to keep pushing through the patriarchy. Luckily, there are feminist series to watch on Netflix to enjoy as an awesome woman and stay woke. Some of them have been around awhile (Grace & Frankie, Orange is the New Black) and some of the other ones might be new to you and Netflix (Chewing Gum, Dear White People). Bu they are all feminist.

I know that trying to find any kind of down time can be a little tough and sitting through a whole film may seem out of the question, but tuning in a half hour at a time may just do the trick and accommodate your hustle-and-bustle lifestyle. All of these shows do a great job at being woman-centered and showcasing issues, we as women face on a daily basis, given the respective time period. These series are focused on what we know and don't know about the complexity of womanhood while also incorporating different social and cultural narratives that are all equally and beautifully feminist. I know after watching at least one episode of each show, you'll already be ready for more — and primed to stay empowered.


'Cable Girls'

A squad of women in 1928 power through their industry and set the tone for women in the workplace.


'Grace & Frankie'

If you ever imagine growing old with your woman gang, Jane Fonda (a long-time political activist) and Lily Tomlin are giving you an inside look of what it could look like.


'Orange Is The New Black'

Women are imprisoned for their crimes but they end up embracing camaraderie behind bars.


'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

After leaving a cult after 12 years, Kimmy decides to take on NYC and find her own independence in this hilarious and feminist comedy.


'Chewing Gum'

Tracy decides she wants to lose her virginity and she's calling all the shots the whole way.


'One Day At A Time'

A Cuban family adjusts to societal pressures, mental illness and coming out in this modern family comedy.



Chelsea Handler never backs down when it comes to talking about and challenging some of today's most pressing issues.


'Being Mary Jane'

Between work and relationships, the title character is just trying to balance her life just right.



Watch a young black woman's rise to salsa stardom.


'Dear White People'

A young black woman takes over her campus in a racial wake up call and the institution is hardly ready for it all.


'How To Get Away With Murder'

A law professor gives her students lessons on what being a real-life lawyer is all about.

Hopefully a few, if not all of these satisfy your feminist fix.