11 Fiction Books To Read When You Need A Dose Of Feminism

Being a feminist was already exhausting. And then the American government decided to bring openly hating women, immigrants, and people of color back into vogue. I know it's tempting to crawl under the bed or scream senselessly into the void, but that (probably) isn't going to help. What you can do is drink water, get involved, and reward yourself with a new feminist novel every time you call your congressman without crying. Here are a few fiction books to read when you desperately need a dose of feminism.

Of course, you should read feminist theory, too. Read memoirs from real women, read essays critiquing feminism that fails to be intersectional, read whatever you can to survive the next four years. But don't forget about fiction. We're going to need fiction to pick us up after a long day of Facebook fights, fury, and horrifying news stories. And we're going to need openly feminist fiction to remind us that we are all real people deserving of human rights, even if our country's president doesn't think so.

So if you feel a little nauseous about the world in general right now, here are some beautiful, funny, and all-around brilliant books to read for that extra boost of feminism: