11 Hilarious Daylight Saving Time Memes To Make You Feel Better About Losing Sleep

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Waiting for the time to change for Daylight Saving Time is basically like waiting for the last day of school to let out before summer vacation. Ever since we turned the clocks back in the fall, many of us have likely been waiting for them to spring forward. It's hard to enjoy the cold, dark, and short days, a combination that makes us sleepy, and moody and perpetually ready for bed. So the struggle of looking forward to the clocks springing forward, is a struggle we all share. Which is exactly why you'll want to take a look at some funny Daylight Saving Time 2018 memes that help us to relate to each other during these confusing inter-seasonal times.

While the clocks moving an hour forward is amazing because it means we get an extra hour of sunlight and spring and summer are near, it's also miserable because our bodies don't adjust right away to losing an hour of sleep. That first Monday after the clocks go forward will be your sleepiest Monday ever. Mondays are hard to handle anyway, because after a weekend of sleeping in and staying up late, our sleep cycles are confused — and when the clocks go forward an hour, our bodies are doubly confused.

Here are a few amazing memes that best depict the relationship we have with Daylight Saving Time — how it's something to both look forward to and dread at the same time.

Brutal Monday

As exciting as it is to be closer to spring, there is no denying how brutal that first Monday after the clocks go forward is. As if Mondays aren't bad enough! Just go to bed an hour earlier if you can, spare yourself the agony.

True Tho

This meme has been floating about the internets for some time, but if I do say so myself, this is the best usage I've seen of it, by far.

Same Though

We'll be stoked about that extra sunlight but we'll all be in bed an hour earlier and unable to enjoy it anyway, let's be real.

When It's 3 A.M...

TFW....It's 3 a.m. but it feels like 2 a.m., and you feel like a fresh young thing again. Really think about it, when was the last time you were awake at 3 a.m. but were feeling as awake and coherent as your 2 a.m. self? It's probably been a while.

True Tho

Raise your hand if you too haven't changed your clock since Daylight Saving Time 2017.

Not So Good, TBH

It's OK though because in a few days, our bodies will readjust and we'll be feeling just fine again while actually enjoying the extra hour of daylight.

Good Point Though

It's a good point though, who picked the wee hours of Sunday morning to change the clocks? Can we start a petition to change this? A Friday afternoon time change would make Daylight Saving a lot more popular.

Slow Clap

This time of year we're not turning back time, but we're springing forward. Good luck getting this song out of your head now.

Whip It, Whip It Good

Now whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it's not too late... to whip it, whip it good!

Shouldn't There Be An Alarm?

But really, shouldn't there be a siren that's sounded or something? Some kind of phone alert that goes out to everyone so that no one's left behind?

I Beg To Differ

While I'm definitely not looking forward to the sheer exhaustion I'm going to experience Monday morning, I'm definitely looking forward to all of the things that come with Daylight Saving Time like summer Fridays, cut-off shorts, melted ice cream, and iced coffee.