11 Funny Galentine’s Day 2019 Memes To Share With All Your Friends

Svitlana Sokolova/Shutterstock

Galentine's Day is obviously a day to celebrate the female friendships in your life, but how you celebrate, is up to you. Since it's the year 2019 and true friendships are defined by wordless meme exchanges (I'm half kidding), I'm going to go ahead and guess you're in the market for some funny Galentine's Day memes. Because no matter what your IRL Galentine's Day plans are, February 13 is going to be a prime day for meme exchange — so lean into it.

Instead of sending your besties the usual random memes, send them some thematic memes that remind them just how much you love them. Despite how we regard it, Galentine's Day isn't actually a national holiday and its survival basically relies on our ability to support it and celebrate it online. So no pressure, but keep Galentine's Day alive by spreading as many memes and bestie love as you can on the holiday.

There aren't enough days in the year to celebrate female friendships and to spread love, gratitude and acceptance. So even if you don't make a big to-do about Galentine's Day IRL, keep the flames of friendship lit online. Besides, memes turn frowns upside down, so make your friend's day by sending some quality memes.

1. Call Your Bestie On Her Cell Phone

shasanie on Twitter

Pick up the phone and call your bestie on Galentine's Day — especially if you used to, you used to.

2. Blah Blah Blah, Drink

polishedint on Twitter

When you already tell your best friends you love them every single day and a Galentine's Day toast feels really over the top.

3. Bestie Business

billionairebeau on Twitter

That vibe you give off when you're talking to your bestie and probably look like you're on the phone with the FBI.

4. Cheers!


Honestly, every bestie get together leads to getting friendshipfaced, but Galentine's Day certainly won't be an exception.

5. *Raises Hand*


Um, well, me. Stock up on that Franzia ladies, our holiday is coming!

6. The Only Friendship Code You Need

settledownadri on Twitter

Don't ever forget: hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, and ovaries before brovaries.

7. I'd Vote For This

jewl_ia on Twitter

I think maybe we'd all vote for this to be a national holiday, though the way we regard it basically is already.

8. A Gouda Pun

punplex on Twitter

Can't think of anything to do for Galentine's Day? Have a "bestea" tea party.

9. When You're Grateful AF

wholesomememes5 on Twitter

This is what Galentine's Day is all about: stopping to think about how amazing your friends are and letting them know how grateful you are for them.

10. Jinx, Buy Me A Coke!

tattooforaweek on Twitter

Why is it always so exciting when you and your bestie say the same thing at the same time? It happens all the time but it's always exciting.

11. Soul Twinning

trenduso on Twitter

When you spend enough time with your friends, you literally can't tell the difference between each other. You become a blend of each other, or in this case, a two melted gummy bestie bears.