11 Gadgets Every Wine Lover Needs Immediately

by Lily Feinn

The art of wine making has been around for millennia and with it the question of how to get the most out of the wine drinking experience. For those that want to take their sipping, sniffing, and swirling to the next level, there are a few gadgets every wine lover needs. These tech-driven devices will improve your wine every step of the way regardless of whether you can point out the notes of honeysuckle and stone fruit in a glass of white, or just love sitting outside and sipping that rose all day.

With millennials drinking more wine than any other generation — approximately 42 percent of the stuff in 2015, to be exact — it makes sense that the wine-drinking boom would lead to a uptick of wine-focussed products. These genius products will not only make your wine taste better, but will also help it last longer. Most are pretty affordable and make great gifts for anyone who wants to enjoy and preserve their fave barrel-fermented grape juice.

Trading in that judge of Carlo Rossi and investing in your wine habit is all part of adulting. To get the most out of your wine, check out these accessories and make happy hour even more happy.


Open Up Your Red In Seconds (Instead Of Hours)

Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator, $19, Amazon

In order to unlock the true potential of certain wines you have to wait for them to "open up," which can take hours. To soften tannins almost immediately try Amazon's top aerator. Just pouring a glass through this device will causes oxidation and evaporation, which can coax dense and concentrated wines to relax and show their true colors. It can be used with any type of wine, but is particularly helpful for young reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Barbera, and Montepulciano that can be highly tannic. Your wines will thank you for this treatment.


Never Struggle With A Cork Again

Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener with Chiller, $30, Amazon

Not a fan of struggling to pull the cork out and considering switching to screw tops indefinitely? Why not try a durable and easy to use electric wine opener that will work on all kinds of corks (including the tough synthetic ones). The Oster wine opener has enough power to wrestle a touch cork from the neck of a bottle but won't cause breakage. It even comes with a thermal stainless steel wine cooler to keep those whites and roses from sweating in the summer heat, and an excellent foil cutter. With this tech there is no reason to put elbow grease into opening a bottle.


Chill Your Wine Faster

Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller, $65, Amazon

We've all been there: you found the perfect bottle of white, but the store doesn't have it chilled. Ugh! Well, thanks to the Cooper Cooler, you no longer have to stick the wine in the freezer, precariously balancing it on half-empty ice cream containers. This device is a summer must-have, chilling a bottle of room-temperature wine in just six minutes — 40 times faster than if you stuck the bottle in the freezer. The easy to use touch pad controls the amount of chill each beverage gets, so you can also anything from cans of beer to soda in just one minute.


Don't Let Your Wine Get Warm

BlizeTec 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Stick, $15, Amazon

During the summer, nothing hits the spot like a perfectly chilled glass of wine, but you can work up quite a sweat running back and forth from the fridge to refill your glass. For those who like their whites to remain frosty, this wine cooler stick will keep your preferred beverage at the optimal temperature throughout dinner and beyond. Simply pop the chiller in the freezer two hours before you drink, open your wine and pour a little into a glass, then insert the chiller into the bottle. Made of FDA certified safe stainless steel, the rod with spout attachment will chill, aerate, and neatly pour your beverage of choice!


No More Drips!

Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer, $15, Amazon

Red wine spills are the bane of every oenophile's existence, but this handy wine pourer will make the Tide Pen obsolete. Simply plug this gadget into an opened bottle and you're ready to drink. The built-in aerating chamber and air intake system will circulate oxygen into your wine while you pour, so there's no need to decant. What could be better than a gadget that improves taste of your wine while keeping it off your table cloth?


Remember That Special Bottle Forever

Wine Enthusiast Label Savers, $13, Amazon

Ever have a wonderful bottle of wine at dinner and for the life of you can't remember what it was called? If you want to preserve the memory of a special event this wine label saver comes to the rescue! Save the brand, vintage, style, and label art off a specific bottle with this ingenious sticky strip. Adhere it carefully to any wine label, press and peel it off, and you will have a laminated wine label ready to mount in your wine journal!


Keep Your Babies At The Correct Temperature

Koldfront 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler, $189, Amazon

If you're looking for a place to keep your prized collection stored at optimal temperatures, this compact wine fridge will do the trick. With dual zone cooling, it's perfect for storing both reds and whites. The attractive design won't make it an eyesore in your living space, and according to Amazon and Heavy reviews, it will run quietly and practically vibration-free. What's better? The handy lockable door will keep your 750 ml babies safe while you're away!


Save Your Wine For Another Time

Vacu Vin Wine Saver with 2 Vacuum Stoppers, $11, Amazon

A little air is a good thing for wine, but too much oxygen and bold flavors can become flat and unpleasant. To prolong the life of an opened bottle, this handy pump removes air from the bottle, creating a vacuum seal. With over 2,600 reviews on Amazon and 4.6 stars, it's safe to say this popular product will keep your wine tasting fresh for up to a week! Wine lovers can also always transfer the wine into a smaller container (like the Savino wine saving carafe) and save it in the fridge to improve its lifespan.


Try A Glass Without Spoiling The Bottle

Coravin Model One Wine System, $200, Amazon

No need to pop the cork to try a glass of wine with this high tech gadget. According to Wine Spectator, this wine preserving device actually does work. The gizmo sneakily inserts a needle into the wine bottle, pressurizing the interior with argon gas while sucking up wine up through the needle and pouring it into your glass. The inert gas doesn't react with anything, so the bouquet of your booze is preserved as the winemaker intended for when you do finally decide to uncork it.


For Portable Happy Hour

DuVino Wine Tote Purse, $28, Amazon

All wine lovers need a bag to transport their goods — and this tote will start the party. The disposable inner bag holds up to four bottles of wine, allowing you to drink anywhere you want without lugging around a heavy glass bottle. The thick neoprene material is insulating, keeping your wine at a good temperature, and the flat bottom of the bag makes it an ideal dispenser. For a more discreet wine carrying purse, check out the PortoVino wine purse; with its cute red leather exterior you may just use it as your regular bag.


Age Your Wine Years Without The Wait

Peugeot Clef du Vin "Travel" Wine Tool, $50, Amazon

Bought a bottle that won't peak for another couple years and want to enjoy it without sacrificing the wine's true potential? The combination of metals on the end of this wine tool reacts with the liquid to stimulate the oxidization process, bring out the floral or fruity elements of your white, and mellowing the harsh tannins of young red. For every second the metal alloy disk makes contact with your wine it "ages" it by one year, no cellar needed. A gadget doesn't have to be electric to be cool — sometimes simple chemistry is just as impressive.