11 Products For People Who Can’t Stop Shedding

I leave a trail of hair wherever I go. It can be found in the oddest of places, like woven into my clothing or stuck in my boyfriend's beard. I'm pretty much the number one consumer of hair products that stop shedding, because if I wasn't extra careful about which ingredients I used in my hair, I'd be bald, and the vacuum cleaner would implode.

While I know a ton about which products work for me specifically, I was curious about which options work for other people, as well as what causes shedding in the first place. That's why I got in touch with Alyssa Dieckmann, a professional hair stylist from Long Island, New York. She was more than willing to share her incredible insights, and she was able to give me a few awesome product recommendations, too.

"There are so many things that cause hair breakage," says Dieckmann. "Unfortunately, in many cases, hair loss and thinning are hormonal or genetic. Certain medications can also cause hair loss and thinning."

That being said, "chemical over-processing and excessive heat" can definitely exacerbate things. "Neither of these two things are bad in themselves," Dieckmann says. "It's just when they are abused by either the stylist or the person doing their own hair that there are problems." If you're looking to keep your hair strong, healthy, and on your head, check out this stylist's top recommendations.


Rejuvenate And Strengthen Hair With A Deep Conditioning Mask

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, $9, Amazon

"Doing a deep conditioning mask immensely improves the integrity of the hair strands. I am a personal fan of SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque, and have had great personal experience with it." It helps to rejuvenate overly dry and damaged hair with amazing natural ingredients, and it even creates a protective barrier against heat styling.


Choose Your Blow Dryer Carefully

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer, $60, Amazon

"Making sure any hair dryer you purchase has multiple heat settings is very important," says Dieckmann. "If your hair is prone to breakage or shedding, a lower heat setting will help mitigate some of the damage." People are absolutely loving the BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme dryer, because in addition to having six different heat and speed setting combinations, it also has a ceramic build and far-infrared heat to protect hair from damage and breakage.


This Clarifying Shampoo That Gets Rid Of Build-Up For Lightweight Hair

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo, $37, Amazon

"If you have a problem with scalp buildup due to dandruff, oily skin, and improper use of products, a clarifying or deep cleansing shampoo can help with that," says Dieckmann, who recommends Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo. This pack of two uses tea tree and other essential oils to cleanse and invigorate the scalp to make it lighter, healthier, and shinier. It's also awesome for flaky skin, and people are in love with the fresh smell.


To Stop The Shedding Of Dry, Course, Or Curly Hair

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, $20, Amazon

"Cleansing conditioners are not for everyone," says Dieckmann, who warns that if improperly used, they can cause excess build-up. "I like to use them on people with particularly dry or course and curly hair. They are ideal because they don't strip all the natural oils from the hair and scalp and can therefore be more gentle." Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner cleanses without stripping moisture or color, and reviewers are saying things like, "amazingly gentle," "smells amazing," and "Better than the big name products."


This Bamboo Towel To Reduce Breakage, Frizz, and Damage

Fishers Finery Bamboo Hair Towel, $12, Amazon

When it comes to hair that sheds, the more gentle you can be with it, the better. Instead of using harsh cotton towels that grind against the strands and cause breakage, this Fishers Finery hair towel is made with bamboo fabric, so it's insanely soft, absorbent, and lightweight. Not only does it help to prevent breakage and frizz, but because of bamboo's moisture-wicking qualities, it dries hair so much faster, too.


A Lightweight Oil Treatment To Nourish Damaged Hair

Tinkii Argan and Marula Oil Hair Treatment, $26, Amazon

Another great deep conditioning treatment is this Tinkii hair treatment, which skips the sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, and instead nourishes strands from root to tip with natural oils that absorb quickly and easily for lightweight healing. It restores shine, softness, strength, and elasticity, and reviewers are saying things like, " I expected the oil to weigh down my fine hair, but it's the opposite. It feels incredibly silky, even the overbleached patches that usually feel brittle and frizzy."


Use A Protector Spray If Using Hot Tools On Shedding Hair

HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector, $14, Amazon

According to Dieckmann, "Breakage can be avoided by turning down the heat on most styling tools or using a heat protection spray before putting heat anywhere near the strand." HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector is a number one best seller because it uses argan oil to defend hair from heat and damage. People are absolutely loving the coconut smell, surprising effectiveness, and the fact that it leaves hair silky smooth without feeling oily.


This Genius Drain Stopper That Catches Every Single Hair

TubShroom Drain Protector, $13, Amazon

Anyone who sheds is very well acquainted with their drain snake. The TubShroom drain protector pretty much makes that tool obsolete, and that's because its innovative mushroom shape catches every single hair, every single time. It's got a bendable rubber design that fits all standard shower drains, and it allows water to effortlessly filter through for great drainage and mess-free clean up.


Choose A Quality Comb That Won't Exacerbate Shedding

Breezelike Sandalwood Hair Comb, $13, Amazon

"Properly detangling your hair is also so important," says Dieckmann. "Wet hair is far more elastic than dry hair and has a tendency to stretch and break if not properly attended," so she recommends using a reliable comb rather than a regular brush. The Breezelike sandalwood hair comb is made from sandalwood and buffalo horns for a no-static build that glides effortlessly through strands. It's also sturdy, elegant, and makes detangling a breeze.


This Brush That's A Boss When It Comes To Detangling

Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush, $10, Amazon

"The Wet Brush is another great option for detangling wet hair," says Dieckmann. "Unlike most regular brushes, its bristles are more pliable, so they don't snag and stretch the hair strand." This one, which is paddle-shaped to tackle more at once, can be used on any kind of hair texture, wet or dry. "This is going to sound ridiculous but this brush is seriously LIFE CHANGING," says one reviewer. "This brush is a master detangler. It works like magic and SO FAST without pain."


This Stationary Vacuum That Easily Sucks Up All The Hair You Shed

Eye-Vac Home Touchless Vacuum, $99, Amazon

Finally, there's the Eye-Vac home touchless vacuum, which is currently the number one item on my personal wishlist. It sits stationary in the corner of your room to automatically suck up any debris you push toward it (including hair tumbleweeds). It's got infrared sensors that tell it when to start vacuuming, and it's super easy to empty. Basically, if you have to sweep your bathroom once a day, this one's for you.

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