11 Videos That Prove We Don’t Deserve Dogs

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you have a good boy or girl in your life, or are just a surrogate mother to all of the doggos on the internet, you're very aware of the fact that we are truly blessed to have dogs on this planet. If you need further proof, I've put together a list of videos that prove we don't deserve dogs. How we got so lucky to have these giant-hearted furry companions in our lives and homes is beyond me, though I do try to be worthy of my dog's unconditional love every day. From howling, to speaking human, to being freakishly smart and hilariously cheeky, dogs give us such pure joy by simply being themselves.

As a proud dog mom above all else — seriously, it's my present job on LinkedIn and constant bio headline — I can honestly say that my dog saves my life every day. Every day that I wake up next to my fur ball, I smile. No bad day is unfixable when a dog, or video of a dog doing something doggish, is near. Dogs can literally fix any mood, so to prove it to any skeptics, I present you with a lot of cute videos. If you don't laugh, cry, smile wide, or clutch your heart while watching these videos, you've got a thing or two to learn from dogs.

The Voiceover Artist

Look at this expressive face! The way he moves his mouth! What a huge and lovable personality. Also, sidenote: what a genius video idea.

The Opera Singer

I don't know how this dog makes this sound, but wow is it impressive. He literally sounds like an opera singer and he's not even trying.

The Smart Dummy

This dog is such a good sport, and let's be honest, Wendy is the big talent here.

All The Moves

If you haven't watched a dancing dog video compilation, you haven't lived. Yes, corgis can twerk.

I'm Not Crying You Are

If you're not crying within the first few seconds of this video you are made of steel. Dogs are the most loyal creatures, they never forget their owners and they never stop showing them how much they love them.

Protecting The Belly

Apparently dogs can be very protective over their owner's unborn children. This sweet behavior is both heartwarming and apparently endlessly entertaining for families.

Dogs And Babies

Dogs and babies are best friends forever and if this video makes your ovaries hurt, you're not alone.

Genius Dogs

Dogs can do a lot more than sit and stay. They can apparently learn how to play piano, do chores and perform tasks.

Dogs That Are Athletes

This is just as interesting and thrilling as watching the America Ninja Warrior games. These dogs are such impressive athletes, it's mind-blowing.

Cheeky Dogs

Dogs can be so cheeky and personable. I've watched this video so many times, and it never gets old. One dog literally blames the other dog for eating a cookie off the counter, it's brilliant and shameless.

Guilty Dogs

Even when dogs are being bad, they're still the most lovable, relatable, conscientious beings there are. How could you be mad at a quivering face like this?