11 Things That Were Totally In Your Target Shopping Cart In The '90s

by Augusta Statz

Ah, the ‘90s. Whether you look back on this decade fondly or no, you know you made some very bold fashion and beauty choices during the time. And let’s be honest — the 1990s are probably still influencing your style. For old times’ sake, reminisce on 11 hilarious things you bought from Target in the ‘90s because there’s no denying these items were in your shopping cart back in the day!

From the Mossimo brand to Lip Smacker lip balms, there were things you just couldn’t leave the store without purchasing. Lucky for you — you can still find some of these items available for purchase online. Ebay is full of vintage 1990s pieces, and yes, quite a few of them actually came from Target. So, even though shopping at this store isn’t quite the same as it used to be, the Internet (and your personal style) can help the ‘90s live on forever.

Whether you were shopping blue sparkly polishes, mood rings or grunge clothing, Target was your go-to destination. Clearly, some things never change! You may not be able to find the exact same items carried during your favorite decade on store aisles anymore, but that doesn’t make Target any less of a destination. Because when it comes to finding trendy, affordable items, it’s the place to go in 2017.

1. Retro Mossimo Tee

Vintage Mossimo Tee, $18, eBay

Recognize this logo? You bet you do!

2. Round Sunnies

Vintage Mossimo Sunnies, $32, eBay

You know you were rocking some round sunnies all throughout the 1990s. Pairs similar to these could most definitely be found at your local Target, lucky for you!

3. Racing Stripe Dress

1990s Target Xhilaration Jersey Dress With Racing Stripe, $9.99, eBay

Dresses, track suits — everything with a racing stripe. Such was the '90s life.

4. Baseball Cap

Vintage 1990s Target Stores Strapback, $29.99, eBay

Whether you were sporting a cap with a Target logo or no, snapback hats were a major 1990s accessory, and you know you had at least one.

5. Wet 'N Wild Nail Polish

Wet 'N Wild Pop-Up Bluetique Nail Polish Shade, $4.95, eBay

Taking a trip to Target basically required getting new nail polish. And since navy blue nails were so on-trend, you know you bought a few bottles of polish just like this.

6. Bonne Bell Smackers Sets

Bonne Bell Smackers 4-Piece Nail Polish Set, $11.89, eBay

Lip Smacker nail polishes, lip balms and more were apart of a '90s kid's beauty routine.

7. Rainbow Choker

Rainbow Tattoo Choker, $.99, eBay

Tattoo choker necklaces were the ultimate accessory, so you surely picked up a few of these while shopping at Target.

8. Chunky Slides

Steve Madden Slinky Slides, $59.50, eBay

Chunky slides were likely the only shoes you wanted to slip your feet into, so you must have tried a few pairs on while paying a visit to the retailer.

9. Lip Smackers Lip Balm

Lip Smackers 1990s Cosmic Collection, $22, eBay

With flavors like "Stellar Strawberry" and "Orange Sh-Orbit," it's no wonder you were so obsessed with this brand.

10. Mood Ring

Mood Color Change Adjustable Ring, $17, eBay

A ring that could tell your every mood could totally be found in your jewelry box during the decade.

11. Brown Lipstick

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Color Terra Cotta, $3.77, eBay

Brown pouts were big in the beauty realm, so scouting out shades on the makeup aisle was a must.

Remember when these were part of your personal collection? And to think — you owed it all to Target! The '90s — what a time to be alive!