12 Hilarious Welcome Mats On Amazon That Add Personality To Your Home

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There's nothing better than a clever welcome mat to make you feel, well, welcomed. But if you're like me, who takes life with a hint of sass, then you need to know where to buy welcome mats with a little personality. After all, they make a statement and set the tone for your humble abode.

Plus, how else will your friends and family wipe their feet? But besides the most obvious functions, a well-picked welcome mat can do so much more: They can remind guests that alcohol is always appreciated, share whether or not you live with a fuzzy companion who means business, or they can just make you laugh. Personally, I think a funny welcome mat is a great opportunity to add your own personality to your house's decor. Also, how else are you going to subtly tell your guests to bring wine?

Next time you have friends or family over, make them laugh a little with these funny doormats. From passive aggressive mats to ones that are just punny, I hope that your guests won't get offended by a little humor, but instead, will be made to feel more at home. (And hopefully, maybe actually bring you wine.)


You Better Have Tacos


A Reminder To Turn Off Your Straightener

Turn Off Your Straightener Decorative Doormat, $9, Amazon

Before you leave your house make sure you turn off your straightener. Thank heavens you have this pretty-looking doormat to remind you.


Get Out Of Here

Kempf 'Go Away' Doormat, $15, Amazon

Some will call it a mixed message, but you'll know this "Go Away" welcome mat actually tells it just like it is.


I Like It Dirty

Juvale 'I Like it Dirty' Funny Outdoor Doormat, $17, Amazon

It absorbs water, whisks away dirt, and makes your visitors laugh — what more could you ask for from a door mat?


Tell Them You're Not Into Visitors

High Cotton Do You Live Here Doormat, $17, Amazon

This High Cotton Doormat wants to know, "Do you live here?" If so, check "Yes," and welcome home. If not, check "No," and what the hell do you want?" Choose wisely.


What Everyone Inside Is Thinking


Geo Crafts Baked Coir Doormat, $28, Amazon

It's like this mat can read minds, isn't it? If you feel like passing along the sassy message, park it outside your front door.


Remind Them That The Doorbell's Broken

Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat, $25, Amazon

The only thing that this welcome mat wants you know is that the doorbell is broken and you have to yell "ding dong" really loud, in order to get in.


A Welcome Mat With Good Manners

"Hi I'm Mat", $26, Amazon

Of all the mats out this "Mat" will make any guest feel at welcomed. Seriously, what other mat politely introduces itself upon arrival?


A 'Friends Only' Zone


Cat's House, Cat's Rules

High Cotton Cat Housekeeping Staff New Doormat, $18, Amazon

Does your cat run your house? If yes, then you'll totally get this doormat. With the phrase "The Cat and its housekeeping staff reside here," your guests will always be reminded who's really the boss. It's even got a cat with a crown on it!


Wipe Your Paws

Castle Mats "Wipe Your Paws" Doormat, $20, Amazon

Need I say more? Adorn with gold paw prints, this mat reminds you to "wipe your paws" every time you enter the house. Yes, that goes to people too.

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