11 Holiday Party Dresses That Aren't Sparkly, Because Honestly Sequins Can Kinda Suck

Courtesy Eloquii

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There's something about the holiday season that makes everything sparkle a little more than usual. Banners that say MERRY & BRIGHT in glitter letters suddenly seem necessary. Votive candles with glimmering snowflakes on them seem like home decor staples. And, yes, an extra sparkly holiday dress seems like a great idea. Sure, there is a place for sequins and rhinestones. They are fun to look at, and during the holiday season they are particularly hard to resist. But are they ever worth it? I would argue no. Sequins often leave me with tiny, rash-like microscopic cuts all over my body. Rhinestones fall off, leaving a sparkling trail in my wake (OK, that part is kind of cool sometimes). Sparkly dresses often do not seem as fun in actuality as they are in theory; it's just a fact of life. Contrary to popular belief, though, holiday party dresses don't have to be bedazzled and blinding.

Between velvet, embroidery, or the classic little black dress, holiday party dresses can be whatever you want them to be. Plus, there is the whole matter of accessories. A less sparkly dress leaves even more room to experiment with statement earrings or bold shoes. And like my mom always told me, allowing yourself more opportunity to buy ridiculous shoes is always a good idea (my mom never said this). Here are 11 non-sparkly, un-sequined, totally fabulous dresses to consider wearing to your holiday party.

Velvet Wrap Dress

Yumi Kim Velvet Wrap Mini Dress, $228, Anthropologie

This shade of pink is just perfect for the holidays. It's festive without being in your face, and is just begging to be paired with some patterned tights or gold jewelry.

Silk Fit And Flare Dress

Asymmetrical Neckline Fit And Flare Dress, $159.90, Eloquii

This neck line is super chic and the off-the-shoulder style is the perfect chance to show some skin, while still saying relatively covered up (and therefore, warm). Plus, the sheen of this dress gives it a special occasion feel, which is always good while heading into an office party or holiday get-together.

Polka Dotted Jumpsuit

ASOS TALL Metallic Spot Tea Jumpsuit, $95, ASOS

No, this isn't a dress — but who says holiday party dresses have to be well, so traditional, anyway? To me, there's nothing more fun than a jumpsuit. With the polka dots, this kinda screams "Pour me a glass of spiked egg nog." Plus, it's perfect for tall women looking for a statement piece.

Floral Dress

Carnation Dress, $248, Reformation

Flowers aren't for spring. Flowers are for every season. Floral dresses are flirty and fun no matter what time of year it is, so why not choose some darker floral tones to rock at your next holiday party?

Jewel Tone Dress

ASOS CURVE Bright Floral High Neck Midi Dress, $76, ASOS

Forget rain, green, gold, and silver and opt for a jewel tone this season. Add some florals while you're at it, too.

Velvet Suit

Perfect Illusion Velvet Suit, $450, Free People

Holiday dresses are fun. But why not turn that dress into a velvet suit and really have a good time? The embroidery on this Free People really brings it to the next level.

Structural Dress

ASOS WHITE Satin Tuck Detail Midi Dress, $182, ASOS

This satin dress is structural, bold, and bright. It makes a statement and looks expensive, which is always my goal at any sort of holiday gathering.

Embroidered Dress

Lola Jade Embroidered Tulle Dress, $333.99, Navabi

Embroidery is like the more subtle cousin to sequins, and I love the way it adds texture and color to a look without being too over the top. This dress is great for any special event and can also transition to other times of the year — maybe even a wedding. That kind of versatility is priceless.

Satin Midi Dress

Petite Satin Midi Dress, $44, Express

Something about satin just feels luxurious. This dress (perfect for petite women looking for a midi dress that isn't too long) is a gorgeous, rich color and is simple enough to pair with a killer leather jacket or long coat.

Faux Leather Dress

Faux Leather Dress With Lasercut Bib Front, $149.90, Eloquii

Leather? A bow? Fancy laser cut detail? A very merry holiday party dress indeed.

Little Black Dress

Point D'esprit Fit And Flare, $39.95, Express

Cut outs are an easy way to bring something simple (like a little black dress) and bring it to the next level for a special occasion or event. The high neck and open back in this dress also add an extra element of flair to this look.

Dressing for holiday parties can be stressful, especially if you feel like you have to adhere to a certain type of look or dress code. But like most anxiety-inducing events, it's important to remember one rule and one rule only: Do what makes you feel your absolute best — whether that includes sequins or not.