11 Hotels Around The World That Are Basically Mini-Apartments


Though it might sound great to some, living out of a suitcase and eating all of your meals in restaurants isn't everyone's idea of comfortable travel — as everyone is different, some people may prefer to travel with the comforts of home. For those travelers feeling homesick at hotels, the inability to unpack their suitcase or put together a meal in a real kitchen may make it hard for them to feel comfortable; and while, in theory, having every meal prepared by a world-renowned chef might sound amazing, sometimes a person just wants to throw together a bowl of cereal and go. If this type of "at-home" travel sounds appealing to you and you're in the midst of planning a summer vacation, fret not: just because you want to plan a great summer trip doesn't mean you can't feel like you're at home while you're traveling. There are more than a few hotels for summer travel that offer the comforts of home, and which feel more like apartments than actual hotel rooms. In some, you can even do your own laundry!

When hotel rooms offer the opportunity for guests to maintain their routines from cooking to laundry, it helps some travelers feel more comfortable and immerse themselves into their trip. Even if someone is staying somewhere for just a few nights, it's important to make sure that they've picked a place that allows them to be them, just on vacation.

Here are some of the leading comfort-forward hotels around the world that are waiting for you to make yourself at home this summer.

1.Residence Inn, London Bridge, United Kingdom

Stay at the brand-new Residence Inn London Bridge from Marriott, which not only boasts a location that's in the middle of the city (and close to numerous tube lines), but also boasts rooms that are literally mini-apartments. Or, should I say flats?

Suites come with all of the amenities you need to feel at home: Kitchens are fully equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher, and even dish and cookware. There's a free hot breakfast every morning, and gym, laundry, and work spaces are available for each guest. Plus, the beds are so comfortable, you might think twice about ever leaving your room for sightseeing.

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Salamander Resort & Spa, Middleburg, Virginia

Located in the quaint village of Middleburg, VA, this estate-turned-resort is the most chic equestrian-forward destination you'll find. Even if you're not into horses, you'll find yourself with endless luxurious and home-y options to comfort your stay. The culinary experience makes guests feel like they’re at home — especially since Executive Chef Ryan Arensdorf uses many of the same cooking methods his grandmother originally taught him.

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Mission Point, Mackinac Island, Michigan

With a ban on motor vehicles, Mackinac Island in Michigan limits modes of transportation to horse-and-buggy, walking, and biking, making it the ideal destination for a summer vacation and the ultimate throwback and slowdown opportunity. You can disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with friends and family, just as if you were at home.

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Grosvenor House Suites, London

All of the rooms in this residence-style hotel apartment have a full kitchen, and even come with "welcome home" groceries on arrival. There are also experiences set up with Jumeirah Living allow guests to enjoy London like locals. The hotel will set up your home office, stock your in-room fridge with your favorite groceries, and make sure you feel right at home.

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5. L’Auberge de Sedona, Sedona, Arizona

If you're really looking for a (very big) home away from home, the Creekhouse is a three-bedroom suite that features a master suite on the second level with views overlooking the Oak Creek. Downstairs, the Creekhouse features a common area designed as a social gathering place, featuring a bar and lounge area, an expansive dining table.

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Hotel Crescent Court, Uptown Dallas, Texas

This cosmopolitan city escape is pretty private, green and gorgeous for how centrally located it is. Luxury suites come with fully equipped kitchens, private dining room and spacial living areas.

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Tidewater Inn, Easton, Maryland

The Tidewater Inn has some serious old-school charm and is situated in the heart of downtown Easton on Maryland’s authentic Eastern Shore. The colonial-style inn is furnished to make guests feel like they're at home and have everything they could possibly need. From the looks of it, most of us don't even need this much!

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Sunset Marquis Hotel, West Hollywood, California

The Sunset Marquis Hotel has a 3.5-acre oasis of gardens and private retreats, which is pretty special considering the fact that it's right in the middle of a city. Designed to be a “home away from home” the villas have a modern-meets-Zen vibe that's probably not exactly like your home, but way more comfortable.

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The Inns Of Aurora, Upstate New York

This hotel is a collection of four luxurious lakeside inns located in the heart of the Finger Lakes. They're rich with history and infused with modern comforts. Many of the rooms comes with fireplaces, kitchens and living rooms for guests to relax in after a long day out on the water.

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Grand Bohemian Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina

If you're most comfortable surrounded by bohemia, you're going to love the Grand Bohemian in Asheville, TN. There's an art gallery in the Tudor-inspired hotel, and the rooms are covered with interesting things to look at.

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Mahekal Beach Resort, Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Mahekal Beach Resort

Enjoy Playa del Carmen like a local! Stay in a beach house that's way more tropical than your real house, but totally cozy for a longer stay. Not only do you get your own two-story fully-loaded house with epic views, but you also get your own private, roped-off beach.

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