These 11 Books You Love Are Actually Way Better As Audiobooks

by Melissa Ragsdale

OK, so if you're here, there's a pretty solid chance you already thinks books are pretty amazing. But have you ever had the thrilling experience of listening to a really great audiobook? Believe it or not, listening to a book can be even more exciting than reading it in print. (And by the way, listening to audiobooks most definitely counts as reading.)

Audiobooks are a great way to infuse your day with literature. I listen to audiobooks while I'm driving, doing chores, or working out. Even when you're doing the most boring of tasks, audiobooks can make you feel like you're on an incredible adventure. I've also found that they make great companions when you're on an airplane, sick, or unable to sleep. You can just rest your eyes and let someone read you a story, just like when you were a little kid.

These days, it's not hard at all to get an audiobook downloaded to your phone, ready to access on-the-go. Here's a pro-tip: many libraries provide free downloads of audiobooks. Take a look at your local library's catalog and see what's available to check out!

So here are some audiobooks that are so well done, they're even better than reading the book in print. Take them with you wherever you're going, and get ready to embark on a grand adventure:

'The Fifth Season' by N.K. Jemisin, narrated by Robin Miles

N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy is exceptional, and the audiobook version brings the story to life in an entirely new amazing. In a world in which apocalypse-level events happen frequently, three women are on harrowing journeys that are tied into the potential destruction of humankind.

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'You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)' by Felicia Day, narrated by the author

Felicia Day is a true treasure, and to hear her tell you her life's story is a real delight. She will inspire and charm you as she regales you with tales of her days being home-schooled or her start on television.

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'Fairest' by Gail Carson Levine, narrated by a full cast

From the author of Ella Enchanted, this spin on Snow White tells the story of a girl whose vocal talents attract people far and wide, leading her into all sorts of danger. The audiobook is performed by a full cast... some of whom actually sing.

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'Sleeping Giants' by Sylvain Neuvel, narrated by a full cast

This exciting novel is a great read on its own, but when you hear it performed in full cast you'll be even more hooked. The story of a young woman who, after stumbling across a strange piece of technology as a girl, embarks on a scientific career determined to solve its mystery. Since the story is told through documents and reports, listening to it almost feels like a radio drama.

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'The Handmaid's Tale' by Margaret Atwood, narrated by Claire Danes

You've certainly heard of this dystopian novel, depicting a world in which women's rights have been completely abolished. But Claire Danes invokes depth and emotion in every word, making this one a must-listen.

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'The Night Circus' by Erin Morgenstern, narrated by Jim Dale

Jim Dale is a legendary audiobook performer... I mean, you might just recognize him as the narrator of the American Harry Potter audiobooks. In this propulsive, magnetic read, two magicians are engaged in a fast-paced, dizzying duel to the death.... and falling in love at the same time.

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'Born A Crime' by Trevor Noah, narrated by the author

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah is a mesmerizing performer with an incredible life story. So, naturally, listening to him tell you about growing up in South Africa is a wonderful experience. You won't be able to shut this one off for anything.

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'Cosmos' by Carl Sagan, narrated by Levar Burton

As a life-long Reading Rainbow fan, I'm here for anything read by Levar Burton. And if that weren't enough, you'll also hear Neil DeGrasse Tyson reading his forward and Seth McFarlane reading the introduction to this Carl Sagan classic about the mysteries of the universe.

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'The Lightning Thief' by Rick Riordan, narrated by Jesse Bernstein

Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series is so much fun, and when you hear Jesse Bernstein bring Percy to life with a thick New York accent and lots of heart, you're going to have such a good time. In this series, New Yorker Percy learns that he's half-god, and finds himself at Camp Half-Blood, a place populated by demi-gods learning how to harness their powers.

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