11 Halloween Party Games That Might Actually Be More Fun Than Trick-Or-Treating

If you're thinking about having a Halloween party but don't really know how you'd entertain a house full of people for a whole night, have no fear — party suggestions are here! There are actually lots of adult Halloween party games that will not only ensure that your guests have a good time, but also that you have an easy time hosting.

The last thing anyone wants to worry about when hosting a party is that their guests are bored. When you put all the effort into cleaning your house, buying enough food, and making things look cute and spooky, you don't want to have to worry that it was all for nothing because your guests are low-key looking for their next party stop shortly after they arrived.

A great way to avoid this issue is to set up games. And no, games are not just for children's parties and no, games don't have to include alcohol. Especially for a party as thematic as Halloween, there are so many things you can think up for your guests to ensure your party is a hit. Here are a few super easy and inexpensive game ideas that you'll definitely want to set up for your party:

Learn The "Thriller" Dance

Every time I watch this video, I tell myself that I'm going to learn the dance. Alas, many years later and I've never even attempted it. Put the video on at your party, slow down the speed and get your friends up and at it. Take it slow, learn it together, and likely spend the entire time laughing at yourselves.

Pinterest Pumpkin Carving

You've seen those pins — the elaborately carved faces, the floral designs — you know, the ones you'd never attempt. Have your friends bring their own pumpkins and carving knives and attempt the Pinterest art together.

Real Ghost Stories

When you invite your friends, tell them to prepare a ghost story to share. Once everyone arrives, light some candles, turn the lights off, and sit in a circle. Have everyone go around telling their scariest real life experience, just like you and your friends probably did when you were kids.

Monster Heads Up

Everyone loves a good game of Heads Up. So, for your Halloween party, make your own game. Simply write down the names of different famous monsters on the backs of index cards, place them in pile, and have your guests pick a card without looking, and put it on their forehead.

Bobbing For Onions

This is much more of a prank than a fun game, but will stir up some laughs, nonetheless. Before your guests arrive, dip onions in chocolate and caramel. Let them dry and pile them in a bucket. Your friends will be excited to "bob for apples" without getting their face wet, but they'll have quite a surprise when they take a bite.

Guess The Potion

Get your inner witch on and brew some herbal teas. Label each kettle with a different spooky name, like Eternal Sleep Brew (chamomile tea), or Fire Belly Brew (ginger tea) and have your guests sip and guess.

Bloody Mocktail Station

Which fruit syrup makes the most realistic bloody cocktail? Set up a satiation with beets, and berries and mixers and have your guests compete to make the most realistic looking bloody mocktail.

Candy Haunted House Decorating

Halloween is all about candy, let's be real. Have each of your guests bring with them an empty milk carton, stock up on candies and graham crackers and have a haunted house decorating craft station set up. Not only will it be something fun and creative for your guests to do, but it will give them something to take home, as well.

Horror-Themed Freeze Dance

Put together an epic spooky playlist filled with soundtrack songs from the scariest movies, and use it to DJ an old school game of freeze dance.

Costume Contest

Elect a judge and have each party guest present themselves in front of the judge and introduce their costume and explain their inspiration. The judge will rate them on creativity, craftsmanship and attitude. Whoever gets the highest points, wins a giant jar of candy to take home with them.

Nightmare Mash

This is a great game for people to play while they're sitting around and chatting. Leave out some pieces of paper with pens, with a classic Mash game set up. Let your guests know when they arrive that for the sake of the holiday, they should choose their worst nightmares as options. House: haunted. Car: has faulty breaks. Marital Status: Widow. Pet: Anaconda. You get the idea.

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