11 Meal Prep Products To Make Your Lunch Al Desko Easier Each Week

Meal prep is a super practical way to approach, well, meal preparation, in order to eat more homemade food while saving money. Hacks like batch cooking, mason jar smoothies and salads, packing your lunch for work, and making as much of your food ahead of time as possible (so you can save time and still eat well), are great for upping your overall food quality while saving you cash on eating out. And once you’re done working for the day, it’s so nice to be able to either simply assemble your dinner in a few steps, dish it out of the slow cooker, or pop it in the oven for a few minutes. And snagging a few well-appointed meal prep products can make eating your lunch al desko easier than ever.

Basically, meal prep is in amazing way to practice self-care, and it’s fun to boot. Who doesn’t want to eat delicious food every day that doesn’t cost a fortune? You may need to adjust your schedule a bit, but once you get the hang of your meal prep routine, you might be surprised to find out how simple meal planning can be. Check out these 11 meal prep products that can make throwing together a scrumptious meal super easy.


6 Quart Instapot


This starter Instapot model is a super versatile pressure cooker that can make eggs, soups, and beans, brown and sauté foods, warm up your leftovers, or function as the easiest rice cooker ever.

2Crock Pot

Crock Pot Smart Pot 6 Quart Stainless Steel Slow Cooker


Throw a few ingredients into your Crock Pot before you leave work in the morning, and you've got an amazing dinner ready to go when you get home — easy as could be.

3Mason Jars

Ball Mason Wide Mouth Quart Jars, Set Of 12


Mason jars are great for food storage and glugging smoothies from, but they're also great for one of the best meal prep hacks ever: mason jar salads for the perfect portable and healthy lunch.

4The Original Nutribullet

The Original Nutribullet


Smoothies are a great way to amp up your fruit and veggie intake. For either an easy breakfast or lunch on-the-go, the Nutribullet gives good results at a reasonable price point.

5Reusable Straws

X Straw Stainless Steel Reusable Straws, 4 Pack

X Straw

Reusable straws do whatever a plastic straw can do, but better. These are super easy to wash and reuse, and help you save money while keeping plastic out of our oceans and landfills.


5200 Standard Vitamix


By far the splurgiest item on the list, a Vitamix is way more than a blender. You can make super silky-textured smoothies in this thing, but it will also make soups, hummus, salad dressings, or sorbets. And they offer a free seven-year warranty, so your Vitamix will stick with you for the long haul for reals.

7Adult Lunch Box

Double Decker Lunch Box


While you're free to reuse your sixth-grade lunch box if you want to, adult lunch boxes are pretty snazzy — and definitely more sophisticated than your Wonder Woman version.

8Glass Storage Containers

OXO Good Grips 8-Piece Rectangular Food Storage Set

The Container Store

BPA-free and reusable glass storage containers are perfect for storing pre-prepped meal elements in, and you can easily pop one in your lunch bag, too.

9Portable & Reusable Silverware

Bamboo RePEat Utensil Set

Mighty Nest

Reusable utensils fit snuggly inside your lunch bag, so you've got the convenience of disposables, without the plastic.

10Reusable Lunch Containers

EcoLunchBox Oval And No-Leak Cup 2-Piece Set


These eco-friendly lunch containers are lightweight, easy to clean, and will last for a long time.

11Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper 10-Cup Food Processor


Food processors help so much when it comes to meal prep, and they don't need to cost a fortune to get the job done. Whether you want to pre-chop some veggies, or make some super easy hummus or pesto, these things are a great addition to your meal prep tool kit.

Meal prep is a super effective way to slash your grocery costs while eating some dang good food on the reg. And don't overthink it — pick out a few of your new favorite recipes to start with, and rotate them through your schedule. Once you get your routine down, you'll be meal prepping with the best of them. And enjoying some really delicious food at your lunch hour every day, too.