11 Instagram Captions To Post On Mother's Day That Celebrate Your Friends Who Are Moms

On Sunday, May 13th, we'll be celebrating Mother's Day. This holiday is obviously dedicated to all of the incredible moms out there, which means that you shouldn't only be praising your own mother - you should be praising all moms! That includes your grandma, your family friends, any other woman who may have raised you, and your friends who are moms. That last one is especially true if it's their first Mother's Day, which can be super special. And since it's 2018, what better way to celebrate them than with a photo on Instagram? You'll need to write a sweet message as well, and we've got several ideas for Mother's Day Instagram captions to post about your friends who are moms.

Of course, you could just write a simple caption, like, "You make the best friend and the best mom!" or "Happy first Mother's Day to my best friend!" That's totally fine. But if you want your photo to stand out a bit more, or if you want to really say something to capture the kind of person and mother your friend is, you might want to do something slightly more elaborate. Or you could opt for something funny and silly as well. It depends on your friendship!

With a great photo and an awesome caption, you'll definitely make your friend feel so loved and appreciated on a day when she deserves all of the attention. Moms are superheroes, and Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your friend how much you think she rocks. Check out these Instagram caption ideas and start looking for the best photo:


Unicorn Mom: A mom who's not perfect, enjoys alcohol, has a sense of humor, and couldn't care less what you think.

If this statement pretty much describes your friend who is a mom, then it's definitely what you'll want to use as your caption. You can also buy this as an actual card for her on Etsy.


One of my most awesome friends just so happens to be one of the most awesome moms on the planet!

This is pretty straight-forward and just a generally sweet way to celebrate your friend: a statement that shows how great you think she is, and something that's really going to make her feel amazing. That is the goal, after all!


From friend to mom, “best” has always been the only word to describe you.

This is another sweet way to dedicate the day to your best friend who is a mom. It's the perfect easy statement to make, and something she'll really love to see.


Your MILF game is strong

If some creepy person said this to or about your friend, it would be weird. But if you say it about your friend in a loving way? Not weird at all. She's a hot mama, let her know it!


Mom life ain't easy, but you're killing it.

This couldn't be more true! If you don't want to get too sappy or sentimental on Instagram, post this caption. It shows that you acknowledge all of the hard work she does without getting too emotional. You can also buy this as a card on Etsy.


Happy Mother's Day to my best friend and my cheapest therapist.

Is this caption a little bit about you? Sure, but it's fine. If your friend is a great mom and an amazing friend, you should give her a shout out on social media.


I always knew you’d be a great mom someday.

This is a cute caption to make if you've known your friend for a really long time and she's a new mom. It's simple and gets the point across without being too sappy.


Happy Mother’s Day to the woman whose mom game is always stronger than her toddler.

Use this caption to describe your friend who is a mom and who magically does it all while caring for her children. She deserves the attention!


Here’s hoping this Mother’s Day is filled with naps, nachos and margaritas. Cheers, mommy!

You know your friend who is a mom who still loves a good party? This is a great caption for your photo with her. And then maybe actually take her out for nachos and margaritas soon!


For keeping all your tiny humans alive like a boss, let’s celebrate you today.

If your friend has a few kids, this caption works perfectly. It's a sweet way to celebrate everything she does.


Wonder Woman has nothing on you. Happy Mother's Day to my best friend!

For any mom who loves comic books and superheroes. She's basically Wonder Woman in your eyes!