"Not My President" Protests From Around The U.S.

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Normally a federal holiday reserved for overused Abraham Lincoln quotes and photos of George Washington and the Roosevelts, Presidents Day 2017 took an entirely new tone due to increased protests in the wake of Donald Trump's presidency. The message behind the "Not My President" protests is clear — millions of Americans not only view Trump as an illegitimate president, but are willing to take to the streets over and over to drive the point all the way to the White House. Below are some of the best Not My President's Day protest photos that show just how passionate these protesters across the country really are.

The "not my president" slogan began shortly after Trump was elected, when signs containing those words began appearing at anti-Trump protests around the country. It also became a popular hashtag on Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the election, further proving just how much many Americans dislike their new president. With Presidents Day falling exactly a month after Trump's inauguration, the timing of this protest couldn't be more in line with the major uptick in protests that have occurred since Nov. 9. Below are some of the best photos of "Not My President" protesters taking to the streets to once again let the country know that Trump is not a president they will accept.

Major Crowds In New York's Central Park

Trump hotels have become convenient hotspots for protesters to voice their anger at the swanky hotelier-turned-president.

New Yorkers Seriously Know How To Take The Streets

New York City has been the site of some of the largest and most intense protests since Trump was elected president, and the turnout for "Not My President's Day" proves that they won't let up anytime soon.

Protesters In Portland Are Weather-Ready

Residents of this liberal enclave in the Pacific Northwest know how to dress for the weather, and will protest rain or shine.

Expert Sign Craftmanship In Upper Manhattan

Leave it to a New Yorker to make a glittery protest sign.

Police & Papier-Mâché

This bizarre piece of protest performance art has made its way into tons of viral news articles about the nationwide network of protests.

Solidarity With Native Rights Activists In DC

Gray Michael Parsons, a native rights advocate, spoke to a large crowd at the DC rally.

A Fine Occasion For A Vuvuzela

What good is a resistance without a vuvuzela, really?

Even Schoolkids Are Getting In On It

This adorable representative from the next generation of activists shows that even those who couldn't vote are ready to protest President Trump.

Huge Crowds In Chicago

As with the many protests that have taken place since Trump was elected, much of the protest activity in Chicago has centered on the Trump hotel in the heart of the windy city.

Los Angeles Protesters Convened Outside Their City Hall

The LA "Not My President's Day" protest was reportedly the first protest of this kind to crop up on Facebook, and activists in LA went straight to the heart of the city of angel's government to make their voices heard.

An Important Reminder Of The Institution That Got Us Into This Mess

One day, signs like these will hopefully make it into history books.

As the third major nationwide protest in the month since Trump was inaugurated, the "Not My President" protesters are showing that the resistance will always be there to remind Trump and his supporters just how illegitimate they view him and his presidency.