11 People Over 30 Share Their Regrets About Their 20s

If you're reaching 30 with what looks like a ton of adulting fails behind you, you aren't the only one. And thanks to social media, you'll find a community of honest people, like on Reddit, who totally understand that occasionally we regret the things we do in our 20s. There is nothing more comforting than hearing from a friend or close relative that they've gone through something similar, because you know you're on the right track. In some instances, that slap on the back around the Thanksgiving table about how well you're doing shouldn't be underestimated. You might not believe it, but you're someone's hero. Just ask your mom!

The truth is, sometimes you can be a little too hard on yourself, when in fact, you might just be making the people around you (or that random person who frequents your Instagram page) very proud. For all you know, you're someone else's #goals! And they, like you, will certainly have plenty of missteps before they get to where they're going.

So pull up a chair, because there are plenty of people who are past their super confusing and awkwardly transformational 20s. According to Reddit, there are over 100 people who know exactly what it feels like to not know what's coming next, made decisions that weren't the best, and all out fell on their faces. And what would a total fail be without a lesson or a reminder that you can still grow and learn from it all?

1. Don't mind what people think. Mind your gut.

It's never too late to absolutely ignore the people who always have an opinion about what you're doing.

2. Get the help you deserve.

Oftentimes what people will think of you is a stumbling block in getting the help you deserve. But what's best for you?

3. Being ahead of the curve is great, but take your time.

Guilty as charged. If you're the ambitious and overly prepared type, you've probably got this all mapped out. From experience, you don't realize what you lose until you're exhausted.

4. The traditional route isn't for everyone.

5. Save, Save, Save!

If you're terrible at bringing your finances to heel, downloading an app or even making an appointment to meet with someone from your bank could give you more inspiration than the not-so-awesome lectures your parents try to give you.

6. Now is your time to experiment.

It doesn't mean that in your 30s and beyond you can't explore, but why wait?

7. Yourself is the best you.

8. Sex is good for you, and you can have as much as you want.

Of course be safe, but don't let anyone police your sexuality. It's yours!

9. Step outside your comfort zone every once in a while.

You won't regret it.

10. You will find the right relationship.

Don't rush it.

11. There is no typical 20-year-old.

You define what your 20s look like, and sometimes it's too easy to succumb to other people's definitions. Just be sure to follow your own compass — even if it occasionally seems to lead you astray, it'll be worth the ride.