11 Photos Of Ivanka & Ivana Trump That Really Show The Family Resemblance

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If there's one thing people know about the Trumps (outside of the presidency, at least), it's that they're a pretty close-knit family. Ivanka works alongside her father in the White House, Don Jr. and Eric head up the family business, and Melania has made it clear time and time again that she cares about Barron more than anything. The kids and their parents all appear to get along for the most part, and photos of Ivanka and Ivana Trump reveal what seems to be a lifelong friendship between mother and daughter.

While the spotlight on the Trump family is brighter than it's ever been before, it's a spotlight they've known for decades. Ivanka — arguably the most prominent Trump child, considering her position at the White House — has been attending celebrity events and charity galas with her mother since she was young, while she now attends political events and meets with foreign leaders.

In the photos throughout the years, you can truly tell the similarities between the two. The blonde hair is an obvious one, but their smiles and eyes also look so alike, and sometimes the two even pose for photos in the same stance. Since she was a teen, Ivanka has looked like her mother — though now, many people think it's her father she's emulating, at least in personality, more than ever.

All Smiles At A "Royal" Affair

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Their smiles look so alike in this 1998 photo from the Royal Ascot in England.

Somewhat Matching At An Antique Gala


Here, at the Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair reception in 1998, you can totally tell they're related.

The Same Antique Gala 2 Years Later


With Ivanka's brown hair, you can see a few more differences. This photo is from the Grosvenor House Art & Antiques Fair in 2000.

The Hairstyles!

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In 2001, Ivanka and Ivana did a photoshoot together in several different outfits and locations. This first photo is too good, down to the matching hairstyles.

You Can Tell This Is 2001

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They continued the 2001 photoshoot, switching into outfits that matched a bit more.

Can't Get Over The Hair

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They capped off the photoshoot in matching pink, but I think their outfits and poses definitely scream different personalities here.

Having Fun

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In 2002, they danced at the 25th Anniversary of Studio 54 in New York City.

Riding Alike In A Taxi

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They struck a similar pose while sitting in a taxi in London in 2002.


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In this photo from 2004, it's easy to see the mother-daughter relationship.

Supporting Each Other

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In 2013, Ivanka hosted an art exhibit that Ivana attended to support her daughter.

OK, Now This Pose Is Exactly The Same

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In 2014, Ivana and Ivanka attended the Eighth Annual Eric Trump Foundation Golf Invitational, an event that came under fire last year because Eric made a false claim that all of the money went to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The similarity in Ivanka and Ivana's poses are striking — down to the same foot forward and the same tilt of the head.

It's clear in these photos — which span from 1998 to 2014 — that there's a family resemblance here. In personalities, though, maybe not as much.