11 Plus Size Leggings You Can Get On Amazon

by James Hale

I'm totally, unapologetically addicted to leggings. It took me some time to come to the land of leggings love, especially because I'm plus size, but now that I'm here, I can't get enough of them. Luckily, there are plenty of plus size leggings you can get on Amazon that are cute, cheap, and actually fit us plus size folks.

I still remember when the leggings craze took over my university town. Suddenly, women were wearing them everywhere, and as ubiquitous as they were, the jokes and jeers that followed plus size women wearing them were just as prevalent. So, I decided the leggings fad wasn't for me. But after seeing this excellent post about the "toddler grandma style," I decided, screw it. I was going to wear what I wanted to wear.

And I have never looked back. Which brought me to my second hurdle: The fact that well-fitted plus size-friendly leggings can be a pain to find, and that IRL stores' sizes can vary so wildly that XL at one store can be enough for me, while XL at another barely covers one leg, let alone both.

If you've been thirsting for some plus size tights, here's a list of excellent options to add to your repertoire.

1. Zerdocean Lightweight Summer Leggings

Zerdocean Women's Plus Size Summer Lightweight Breathable Full Length Leggings, $12.99,

These leggings are the best of the basics: Super breathable and stretchy, they come in 1X, 2X, and 3X, and are made of modal fabric.

2. World Of Leggings Festive Leggings

World Of Leggings Plus Size Christmas Holiday Festive Leggings, $15.95,

OK, OK, I know these leggings are branded as "festive," but honestly, these patterns look good at any time of year. One downside is that these do only come in one "plus size fits all" size, but there are 10 patterns to choose from, and the model in this photo is 5'7", so these may be a good choice for folks who are tall and plus size.

3. World Of Leggings Florals

World of Leggings Original Plus Size Tribal Floral Animal Leggings, $15.95,

Patterns, patterns, patterns. These, like the festive leggings, are also one-plus-size-fits-all—the seller says they will fit up to size 22—and they come in 24 patterns. They're a polyester/Spandex blend, which means comfort and durability.

4. 7th Element Faux Leather Leggings

Plus Size Faux Leather Leggings Lightweight High Waisted, $10.49-$14.99,

Clubbing, anyone? I adore these perfect-for-a-night-out leggings. They come in sizes 2XL and 3XL and are super form-fitting, not to mention eye-catching.

5. Marika Curves Lace-Up Capris

Marika Curves Women's Plus Size Lace-Up Capri Leggings, $40.99,

A little pricier than other options on this list, these Marika Curves leggings are worth the extra. They're a mesh/polyester/Nylon/Spandex blend, come in 1X, 2X, and 3X, and are ideal for long summer days outside. Plus, the subtle, strappy detail adds just enough delicate flair to an otherwise sturdy everyday legging.

6. ShoSho Everyday Yoga Side Mesh Leggings

Women's Side Mesh & Pocket Everyday Yoga Plus Size High Waist Sport Basic Leggings, $17.98-$34.98,

Leggings are a lifestyle, which means while we—OK, I—wear them 24-7, there are times when we actually need to wear them for their intended purpose. These high-waisted yoga leggings have mesh sides to keep you cool during your workouts, and they come in 1X, 2X, and 3X.

7. Yelete Jeggings

Women's Plus Size Cotton Blend Stretchy Jeggings, $10-$23,

I firmly believe everyone needs a pair of jeggings. Not only do these come in 1X, 2X, and 3X, but they have no zippers or uncomfy buttons. However, they do have five pockets. OMG.

8. Alaroo Lightweight Galaxy Leggings

Alaroo Women's Lightweight Leggings Bottom, $11.90-$12.90,

Out of all leggings patterns, I am weakest for galaxy print. There are other patterns available in this polyester/Spandex-blend legging, but...galaxy.

9. Leggings Depot Capri Print Leggings

Leggings Depot Women's Ultra Soft Plus Size Best Selling Capri Print Leggings, $10.99,

Super stretchy and comfortable, these leggings come in 14 different patterns and offer a great compromise for people who love leggings but can't stand wearing long pants during the warmer months.

10. Marika Curves Morgan Moto Leggings

Marika Curves Women's Plus Size Morgan Moto Leggings, $39.99,

These are also more expensive than their fellow list-dwellers, but these leggings have an awesome, rugged look, are form-fitting and flattering, and offer a cotton/mesh/Spandex blend which is perfect for running around doing errands or lazing around the house.

11. ShoSho Ombre Sport Leggings

ShoSho Women's Plus Size Basic Leggings, $16.18,

These sport leggings come in sizes 2X and 3X, and they're built for whatever you want to throw at them. Their high waist offers tummy support, and the ombre pattern is almost—almost—enough to make me want to go running to show them off.

Shopping as a plus size person always has its difficulties, but the leggings on this list will hopefully lessen the headache of trying to find adorable leggings that actually fit.