11 Podcasts That Are 15 Minutes Or Less To Listen To On A Break

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If you want to do something else besides listen to music or watch a show during your work breaks, a podcast might be the way to go. But if your break is too brief for a lengthy episode, you'll want to stick with something shorter that won't leave you anxious about turning it off halfway through. In that case, your best options are podcasts that are 15 minutes or less — that way, you can finish it and get back to work without missing a beat.

It's difficult to get a good-quality podcast that doesn't eat up too much time out of your day or leave you walking back into work desperately avoiding having to take your headphones off. When it comes to what you can listen to on a break, short and sweet is the way to go. But you also want to make sure that the length doesn't compromise the quality of the podcast. Whether it's about science, lifestyle, news, or anything in between, it's best if whatever short podcast you're listening to gives you all the information you're looking for in the allotted time. And if you haven't found this illustrious podcast, don't worry. Here are 11 of them that will get you through your next break (and not a minute over).


For A Bad Time, Call ...

You can fit three For A Bad Time, Call... episodes into your break and you'll definitely want to. This podcast was cleverly created after women called the number 669-BAD-TIME to anonymously vent about problems in their lives through voicemail. The podcast showcases new rants each time.


Brain Training

If you don't feel like giving yourself a rest even during your break, you can try the Brain Training podcast to exercise your mind during down time. Each episode is only 3-5 minutes long and includes two games with three rounds each that test your thinking abilities.


A Very Fatal Murder

If you're into crime stories with a twist and are looking for a podcast with attention to storytelling, then A Very Fatal Murder is the option for you. And the best part? It's satirical. You get to be invested in stories that are just as thrilling as real crime stories, but with more humor and wit.


Functioning Minimalist

If you're looking for a slightly more relaxed or motivational podcast then Functioning Minimalist might be a good choice for you. Each episode highlights ways to live mindfully and sustainably all while achieving contentment in your life. The podcast might even inspire you to clear the clutter on your desk.


Snacks Daily

If business news is your forte, then so is Snacks Daily. This podcasts highlights up-to-date news about the financial world and breaks it down in a clear and concise way. You can go into your next meeting completely updated on the financial happenings of the world. Maybe you'll even impress your boss.


Up First

If you want a quick podcast that will update you on the news of the day, Up First is a great option. Hosts Rachel Martin, David Greene, and Steve Inskeep do a great job of getting major news stories out in an efficient way. Plus, the podcast is a creation of NPR, so you know it's reliable and entertaining.


Love and Luck

If you want something more lighthearted and romantic, Love and Luck is a good route. The podcast focuses on fictional queer couple Jason and Kane who discover their magical abilities. Like For A Bad Time, Call..., the podcasts uses a voicemail-type format.


Elvis Duran Presents: The 15 Minute Morning Show

If you're used to catching Elvis Duran and his morning show squad on Z100, then you can get another dose of him on your afternoon breaks. The Elvis Duran Presents: The 15 Minute Morning Show podcast has the hosts sit down and talk about everything they missed during their regular show. Plus, it's less structured and more fun.


Radio Rookies from WNYC

Radio Rookies from WNYC is an interesting take on podcasts and is sure to bring you intrigue during your break. The show focuses on real stories told by New York City teenagers. With each episode filled with stories about their lives and communities, you're sure to find something that sparks your interest, and you just might learn something new.


Professor Buzzkill

Although some episodes run on the longer side, Professor Buzzkill has Mini-Myth episodes you can listen to on your break. This podcast focuses on debunking well-known myths or legends. So if you're in the mood to have your wild imagination tamed, this podcast is just right for you.


Robot Or Not?

If you want to have some of life's most philosophical and mind-boggling questions answered within 15 minutes, Robot or Not? is perfect. The hosts, Josh and John, keep the show interesting and precise. And you'll have the greatest mysterious solved by the time your break is up.

Even if you don't find a favorite podcast, these ones are sure to keep you entertained and satisfied during your break before you're off to the rest of your shift.