11 Ridiculous Merch Items You Can Buy On Trump's Website

Trump Make America Great Again Committee

President Donald Trump and many of his supporters famously sport baseball caps emblazoned with Trump's campaign logo, "Make America Great Again." Indeed, supporters can purchase this hat directly on the Trump Make America Great Again Committee website. Interestingly, there also many other merchandise items available for purchase on Trump's campaign website — some of which are a bit absurd, to say the least.

Trump's merchandise website is funded by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, which the website describes as a "joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee." The website offers a host of merchandise for sale across the following categories: apparel, hats, buttons, signs/stickers, drinkware, deals, and gifts. The site also offers an option to directly donate to the committee. In its FAQs section, the website boasts that all of its merchandise is "100% proudly made in the USA."

While Trump's official campaign merchandise may indeed be made in the U.S., the website has recently come under criticism for reportedly using a foreign company to run its online store. As the Daily Dot reported in July after looking into the source code for the website, the outlet found that Trump's campaign store is powered by Shopify, an e-commerce company that is based in Ottawa, Canada and was founded by two Germans.

As Newsweek pointed out, Trump's perpetual proclamations of putting America first and hiring American, coupled with the fact that his website makes sure to assert that its products are all American-made, makes the fact that his campaign's online shop is not run by an American company a bit ironic — and perhaps hypocritical.

Here's a closer look at some of the ridiculous items sold by the Trump's online store.

Trump #MAGA Morning Mug

This mug boasts the "catchy" slogan, "I [heart emoji] waking up and knowing Donald Trump is President."

Fight The Fake News Bumper Sticker
Americanism Creed Tee

For all those who want to support the dubious concept of "Americanism," which apparently stands in direct contrast to "globalism."

Trump #BigLeague Tank
Drain The Swamp Bumper Sticker

A "drain the swamp" bumper sticker is perhaps a little ironic, considering Trump's apparent failure to drain the swamp, instead filling key federal leadership positions with corporate executives.

Donald Trump Presidential Medal

The website boasts that the bronze medallion, which features an engraving of Trump on the front and the phrase "make America great again" on the back, comes with a "routed wood stand" so you can display the medal.

MAGA Hat Collectible Ornament

Nothing says Christmas spirit like a "Make America Great Again" ornament adorning your tree, especially one that is reportedly finished in 24 karat gold.

Trump Golf Bundle

This set boasts that you'll be the "envy of the course" with your MAGA Hat Driver Cover and Official Inauguration Seal Golf Tool Set. It also comes with a complimentary "5x7 MAGA photo" featuring Trump giving a thumbs up to the camera.

Women For Trump Bundle

This very pink set is apparently "exclusive" and allows women to "celebrate" Trump's presidency with a tee-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, and pink MAGA hat.

Trump for President Mini Megaphones
Make America Great Again! Spirit Pom