11 Seasonal Trader Joe's Items You HAVE To Stock Up On Before The Holidays Are Over

Trader Joe's

'Tis the season for Trader Joe's shopping! Fa la la — those are the lyrics, right? I know they say this is the season of giving; but I think what they really meant is this is the season of giving... all of your money to Trader Joe's; and there are a number of seasonal Trader Joe's items you need to get pronto, before the holidays are over and Valentine's Day decorations go up in all the stores. (Never mind the best part of Valentine's Day is when it's OVER and all the candy goes on sale. I'll save that discussion for another time.)

TJ's stole our hearts many years ago. With unbeatable prices, a huge selection of healthy items, and their roasted plantain chips (you can read about my not-so-secret love affair here), Joe never lets us down. Add in their dope return policy — not like you'll want to return anything, though — and all the happy employees in Hawaiian shirts, and we're in love. And not the kind of love where you shop there once a month like other people. I'm talking about the totally-obsessed, hitting-up-numerous-locations, staying-so-long-security-has-to-escort-you-out kind of love.

The obsession only gets worse with the holidays, too, when all the seasonal items are released.


If you're anything like me, you're already planning all the holidays foods you'll probably never end up making. Whatever you do, don't forget to pick up these tasty finds during your next Trader Joe's outing. They're the most delicious way to get into the holiday spirit. (Remember, they may vary by location.)