11 Signs There Might Be Something Wrong With Your Body’s pH Levels

When your body is balanced hormonally and pH wise, everything will seem to just click. Your digestion, energy, and mood will more likely be positive and efficient. However, when your body's pH levels are unbalanced, meaning your body isn't in an optimal state (AKA slightly alkaline), you might feel a bit off, as explained by health experts at mindbodygreen. Keeping your body in a happy state will boost performance and productivity in the day, and it'll be better for your health and happiness, long-term.

As a certified health coach, I definitely notice when my own personal pH is off, which can happen when I'm not eating well, am stressed out, or are not digesting things properly. Therefore, I strive to eat foods that are less acidic and more alkaline and to get in exercise and relaxation techniques to banish stress and boost digestion and immunity. When all of these factors are working, I just feel noticeably better. Your body's pH can affect all of these lifestyle areas and bodily functions, so it's best to keep it level. Here are 11 ways to know that your body's pH levels are off and need some help.

1. High Intake Of Processed Foods

According to True Citrus spokesperson and trainer Kim Lyons over email with Bustle, eating highly processed foods, or those that are rich in sugar, can throw pH levels off. "Viruses, mold, bacteria and fungi all thrive in an acidic environment, making it easier to get sick," says Lyons.

2. Not Having Enough Citrus

Citrus actually has an alkalinizing effect on the body, which will promote more balanced pH levels to benefit the body and boost its performance, explains Lyons. "Adding lemon or lime to your water can help stabilize your blood sugar and pH levels and help to naturally detoxify your body," recommends Lyons.

3. Not Drinking Enough In The Day

According to Lyons, dehydration can lead to worsened pH levels and create an unwelcome environment in the body. You can also check your urine color for better guidance. "Drinking six to eight glasses of citrus water each day will do wonders for your body’s blood sugar and pH levels, while boosting your immune system at the same time," says Lyons.

4. Test Results

"You can even test your saliva or urine with a pH test strip," says Lyons. "Ideally, you want a pH of seven. It’s better to have a slightly higher number rather than a slightly lower one," Lyons recommends. If you can't gather intel from your body's response, a test can always help.

5. Having High Stress

"Stress can affect your pH balances as much as a poor diet," says Lyons. If you're feeling too stressed, it can hurt your health and hormonal balance. There are so many effects of stress on the body that can lead to dangerous health consequences if less unaddressed.

6. Eating Too Much Animal Protein

According to Dr. Axe on his website, eating too much meat and protein in a sitting can lead to acidic buildup, which can throw off pH levels. Think of your diet. If you're eating too much animal protein in the day, consider going meat-less for a few meals and adding vegetables to your dishes.

7. Not Eating Raw Food

While you don't need to eat a salad every day, sometimes eating foods in a raw state will boost alkaline properties, advises Axe, leading to a better body pH. Incorporate salads, juices, chopped veggies with dip, and other types of fresh, raw ingredients into your diet for more alkaline power.

8. Not Having Enough Potassium

According to Dr. Theodore Baroody in "Alkalize or Die" over interview with Livestrong, not getting enough potassium in the diet can lead to unbalanced pH levels. Eating citrus fruits, berries, bananas, potatoes (not French fries), apple cider vinegar, pears, and cantaloupe could help, as these are great sources.

9. Weakened Bones

If you're bones feel weaker and you're more prone to injuries and falls, it could signify an imbalance in pH levels due to a lack of calcium and magnesium absorption within the body, explained health expert, David Wolfe, on his website. If you have osteoporosis, your body might be too acidic, as well.

10. Impaired Sleep

According to James F. Balch, M.D., author of Prescription for Nutritional Healing, over interview with Medical News Today, when pH levels are imbalanced, and the body is more acidic, you're more likely to experience sleep impairments and insomnia due to a lack of vital nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium.

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11. Poor Dental Health

According to a 2015 study in the International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications, poor dental health and enamel degradation can be a sign that there's too much acidity in the body and that pH levels are out of whack. If you're getting cavities or have trouble eating super hot or cold foods without experiencing pain, it could be a sign.

If you notice any of these issues in your body, it could mean your pH levels are off. Having an imbalance can lead to worsened health and wellbeing, so it's best to be cautious and work to eat well, exercise, sleep, and take care of yourself accordingly.

Images: Pixabay (12); Bustle (1)