11 Signs You Don't Socialize Enough


For some people, when the weekend comes, it's time to text and see all your friends. For others, it means spending the night alone with Netflix. Even if you're content binge-watching Westworld, it's important to spend time with others, or you might begin to exhibit some signs you're not socializing enough. You don't have to book your schedule until it's packed, but spending some time around others can have a bigger impact on your health and wellbeing than you might realize.

"Being too solitary leads to obsessing about worries, losing perspective on every day problems, and often feeling lonely and even depressed," says psychoanalyst Laurie Hollman, Ph.D over email. "A reasonable amount of socializing that gives you a feeling of wellbeing is all that’s needed, not necessarily attending lots of parties and social events."

A Gallup poll from 2008 found that individuals who report being alone all day perform the poorest on the Happiness-Stress Index, emphasizing the importance of some socialization in everyday life.

With everything we have on our plate, prioritizing time with friends and family can easily fall by the wayside. If you think you aren't spending enough time with others, consider these 11 signs you're not socializing enough.