11 Summer 2018 Movies With Great Soundtracks You'll Listen To On Repeat

Annapurna Films

Let’s be honest: part of what makes a movie so amazing and memorable is an amazing soundtrack. Likely in response to the overwhelmingly positive response to Guardians of the Galaxy's soundtrack, Marvel created some great tracklists for this summer’s Deadpool 2 and Ant Man and The Wasp. But these are hardly the only flicks with great soundtracks. Turns out, summer 2018 has brought tons of movies with soundtracks that you’ll love as much as you love these films. Who can forget Ocean’s 8’s soundtrack, featuring iconic female artists of various genres? Or Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again’s fantastic takes on ABBA classics, with songs by Cher, Meryl Streep, and Lily James?

It’s also been a big year for showcasing Oakland talent in soundtracks. Both Sorry To Bother You and Blindspotting are set in the California city, so the music played an important role in creating an ambiance for the setting. Blindspotting stars and co-screenwriters Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal wrote and performed the music for the film, splitting the soundtrack up in three EPs: the Collin (Diggs) EP, the Miles (Casal) EP, and the Oakland EP. For Sorry To Bother You, Oakland hip-hop group The Coup were credited with creating the soundtrack, collaborating with artists like Janelle Monáe, Killer Mike, and tUnE-yArDs.

There’s a bit of something for everyone in these soundtracks and you’re going to want to play them over and over again.



If a movie is written by Diablo Cody, you can bet it's going to have an amazing soundtrack. This one features The Velvet Underground, Rufus Wainwright, and an instrumental track composed by Hamilton Leithauser and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam.


'Deadpool 2'

It's pretty hard to beat Deadpool 2's incredibly eclectic album, featuring Dolly Parton, Skrillex, Céline Dion, Diplo, Cher, Pat Benatar, and more.


'Ocean's 8'

This soundtrack is just as badass as the flick and will get you into that mindset with songs by Nancy Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, Etta James, Kellis, and more.



Given how Superfly was rebooted as a hip-hop flick, it's going to be one that rap and hip-hop fans will love, featuring artists like Future, Young Thug, PARTYNEXTDOOR, French Montana, and more.



Tag's soundtrack is just as fun as the movie, featuring music by Thurston Moore, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Ozzy Osbourne, Pixies, Boyz II Men, and more.


'Ant Man And The Wasp'

If you thought the soundtrack for Deadpool 2 was eclectic, wait till you see the one for Ant Man and The Wasp. It's full of so many hits by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Camila Cabello, Calvin Harris, SZA, and more that you'll want to listen to it non-stop.


'Sorry To Bother You'

The Coup were enlisted to create the soundtrack for the Oakland-based film and they brought along some pretty great collaborators, including Run The Jewel's Killer Mike and Janelle Monáe. Plus, there's a song featuring the film's star LaKeith Stanfield.


'Don't Worry He Won't Get Far On Foot'

This film's soundtrack sticks to the classics, featuring artists like Bob Dylan and Billy Joel.


'Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again'

Three words: Cher singing ABBA. Honestly, what's more amazing than that?



Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal are incredibly musically talented, so naturally they wrote the songs for the film.


'Hot Summer Nights'

From what we've seen in Timothée Chalamet's recent films, it's impossible for him to star in one with a bad soundtrack. Hot Summer Nights has one that's just as great as the rest, featuring songs by Beck, David Bowie, Linda Ronstadt, and more.

These tracklists will surely become the soundtracks to your summer.