12 Summer Travel Hacks To Help You Keep Cool At Hotels Without A/Cs

by Brittany Bennett
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In the humidity of summer, air conditioning is a crown jewel — but, it's also a luxury. Especially when you're traveling. Your airport terminal's system could be broken, a bus station could be absent of it, your hotel might not be equipped with any (especially if you're traveling around Europe, where A/Cs aren't actually that common!), and fans do not suffice in the face of heat waves. There are summer travel hacks to keep cool in places without A/Cs so you don't have to change your shirt five times before your final destination.

Summer is exciting. Vacations are abound and beaches are packed. But the heat can be grueling. Especially when you're traveling, toting luggage from airport to lodging. If said airport, lodging and any other places you pop into along your travels don't seem to have a golden cool down machine otherwise known as the A/C, don't despair.

You do not have to stomach a hot and humid lunch. Sometimes beating the heat is as easy as wearing the right clothes. Fabrics that cling to your skin need not accompany you on your travels during the hotter months. Instead, opt for looser fitting clothes with breathable fabrics, like cotton. And if you're not carrying around a cold compress, always keep your eyes on the nearest ice pack. In lieu of the air conditioning unit, you'll be surprised by how fast you cool down. Travels should be happy, so pack a few tips with you before your next mid-summer vacation.

Cold, Cold Showers

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Bring down your body temperature in your A/C-less hotel by hopping in a cold shower. It's not constant, cool air, but it'll help your body temperature stay regulated. Anything to beat sweating through the night, right?

Wear The Right Clothes

Jeans might be cute, but probably aren't the best idea when traveling to a destination that's so hot it feels sticky. You'll want to beat the heat by packing breathable clothing like cotton or linen. Loose-fitting clothing, preferably made of cotton, will help circulate air so you're not completely suffering when air conditioning isn't an option.

Keep A Cold Compress Nearby

A wet washcloth or a frozen water bottle will help cool your body temperature down. Sometimes it's not all about sitting yourself down in front of the air flow, but cooling yourself down with a cold compress. Ask for the nearest freezer to keep a wet washcloth cold or a water bottle frozen.

An Ice Bath For Your Feet

On the topic of regulating body temperature, soaking your feet in an ice bath can help reduce the heat your whole body is experiencing.

Stay Away From Your Phone

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Your phone radiates heat. Before going to bed, unplug to avoid increasing the room temperature even just a smidge higher. At lunch, don't take a picture of your food — just let your phone be a source of communication that is not in use while you're on vacation and cool-down mode.

Stay Hydrated

Water, water, water, water. Drink all the water. Staying hydrated helps keep your system regulated. It won't cool you all the way down like an air conditioning unit will but it will ward off overheating, and prevent dehydration if you're going to be sweating.

A Wet Blanket

You don't have to sleep wrapped in it, but if your room lacks A/C, hanging a wet blanket over an open window will help chill your sleeping quarters. This faux air conditioning unit cools the air that breezes in so you get a sense of relief.

Find The Shade

Sometimes hacks can be simple. If you're outside at a transportation station or sitting outside at lunch, find the shady spot. Sitting directly in the sun is, you guessed it, not ideal for escaping the heat. In the case of cooling down, the shadier the better.

Get A Portable Fan

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These things kept me cool throughout summer camp when literally NOTHING was graced with A/C. A portable fan will offer fast relief when you're looking for it. Just make sure it won't run out of battery.

Travel Lightly

If you know you're traveling to a destination that's hot, don't pack half of your wardrobe. Hauling your luggage from place to place can make you work up a sweat and become overheated. Pack lightly, so when you come across those places that lack A/C, your clothes aren't contributing to your overheating.

Mist Water On Your Face

In the event that your portable fan lost batteries and you can't find any where you're traveling, mist water on your face. It won't be like submerging yourself in a cold bath or even a shower, but the cool water will help regulate your heat which is really all you're looking for when there's no A/C unit to park yourself in front of. Spray bottles should be easy to find just about anywhere, making this hack a probable way to beat the heat.