11 Summer Travel Hacks For Hotels Without A/Cs To Help You Keep Cool

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the humidity of summer, air conditioning is a crown jewel — but, it's also a luxury. Especially when you're traveling. Your airport terminal's system could be broken, a bus station could be absent of it, your hotel might not be equipped with any (especially if you're traveling around Europe, where A/Cs aren't actually that common!), and fans do not suffice in the face of heat waves. There are summer travel hacks to keep cool in places without A/Cs so you don't have to change your shirt five times before your final destination.

Summer is exciting. Vacations are abound and beaches are packed. But the heat can be grueling. Especially when you're traveling, toting luggage from airport to lodging. If said airport, lodging and any other places you pop into along your travels don't seem to have a golden cool down machine otherwise known as the A/C, don't despair.

You do not have to stomach a hot and humid lunch. Sometimes beating the heat is as easy as wearing the right clothes. Fabrics that cling to your skin need not accompany you on your travels during the hotter months. Instead, opt for looser fitting clothes with breathable fabrics, like cotton. And if you're not carrying around a cold compress, always keep your eyes on the nearest ice pack. In lieu of the air conditioning unit, you'll be surprised by how fast you cool down. Travels should be happy, so pack a few tips with you before your next mid-summer vacation.