11 Totally Convincing Clues That Ezra Is A.D. On 'PLL'

by Marenah Dobin
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Pretty Little Liars is finally coming to an end, but how is this show going to wrap up in just two episodes!? There is just way too much going on and a million characters to keep track of. I need these mysteries solved and I need the solution to actually make sense unlike the endings to plenty of other TV shows. That's why I think we need to run through the clues from Pretty Little Liars Season 7B that Ezra is A.D.

I get it, we are supposed to be 'shipping Ezra and Aria as a couple, but even that is hard for me to deal with considering the extremely shady (and illegal) origin of their relationship. Here's the thing though: A.D. has to be someone that we know. If the writers copped out and decide to make A.D. some character we "just met" and have zero emotional attachment to it will be completely dissatisfying and make zero sense.

The villain role has shifted, like, a million times over the years, but there have been plenty of clues from the last half of this season that make me think it's pretty likely A.D is Ezra Fitz.

1. A.D. Used Aria For Help

Out of all the Liars, A.D. chose to rely on Ezra's girlfriend Aria for assistance. Coincidence? I think not.

2. Ezra Was Unfazed When Aria Mentioned The Report She Almost Filed

Wouldn't Ezra be at least a little bit offended when Aria told him that she was being blackmailed with a report that she wrote up, but never sent in about Ezra being a pedophile? At first I thought he was just accepting responsibility for their previously illegal relationship, but maybe he just doesn't care because he's the one blackmailing Aria. It would make sense to me.

3. A.D. Complimented Aria On Her Appearance

I mean Ezra is into Aria, so A.D. texting Aria that she "looks good in [her] uniform" (i.e. a shady black hoodie) is something a boyfriend would say.

4. The PLL Twitter Account Hinted At It

Is Aria's boyfriend also A.D.?

5. Ezra's Family Has Been Referenced More & More

What's with Aria randomly calling out Spencer kidnapping Ezra's almost-son Malcolm and the sudden increase in mentions of Ezra's actual brother Wesley? Ezra's brother calling him up to chat was so random. They've barely been in touch this whole time and now they're having phone conversations? It sounds shady to me! No one really reacts to these references, but they keep happening. Perhaps there will be a bunch of family flashbacks explaining why Ezra is A.D. when the series wraps up, so the writers needed to re-introduce them.

6. Ezra Returned The Same Day The Girls Got The Board Game

How is this not a red flag!? Ezra comes back to Rosewood, the characters are gifted with that terrible board game, and then he (supposedly) leaves town again? How suspicious!

7. Ezra Was A Prisoner In Aria's Nightmare


8. Ezra Is ALWAYS Traveling

Ezra is not that in-demand as an English-teacher-turned-author. Am I the only one surprised that he is always traveling somewhere? Is he really traveling or is he just pretending so he can do evil things to the Liars while he has an alibi?

9. Ezra Was Beyond Awkward When He Saw Spencer At The Airport

Freeform/Eric McCandless

It's not concrete evidence, but wasn't Ezra acting extremely strange at that airport? Why would he feel so uncomfortable running into Spencer? Unless he was up to something suspicious!

10. Ezra's Initials Are A Little Suspect

The initials theory is all over Reddit and Tumblr. Ezra's real name is Ezra Fitzgerald. He dropped the "gerald" part to separate himself from his family — even though it would make a lot of sense for an English teacher to have the same last name as a famous author. Internet users everywhere have pointed out that the last letter of EzrA and the last letter of FitzgeralD add up to A.D.

11. The Finale Episode Title Is Suspicious

According to IMDb, the finale title is "Til DeAth Do Us PArt" which is an obvious wedding reference. Ezra and Aria are currently planning a wedding, so could this be alluding to Ezra's role as A.D. and the end of his relationship with Aria?

Someone has to be the bad guy, and these clues definitely build a solid case for Ezra being the torturous A.D. Only two more episodes until we find out.