There Are Still Plenty Of Things You Haven't Noticed About 'Legally Blonde'

by Allie Gemmill

More than 15 years later, Legally Blonde stands as one of the most delightfully feminist movies of the '00s that keeps delivering unto its fans new and exciting treats. This time around, we're looking at things you never noticed in Legally Blonde, be it goofs, continuity errors, or little things about the actors and their characters that helped make the performances as memorable as they really are. There's so much to unpack and so little time to do it. Let's get to bending and snapping our way through these previously unnoticed things, shall we?

Whether you're a diehard fan or a casual admirer of Legally Blonde, there are some facts you may know right off the bat, like the factoid that the film's star Reese Witherspoon kept all 60 of her outfits from the film so they couldn't be bought online or the fact that this film was based on a book written by Amanda Brown and it was inspired by her own time at law school. But there's just so much more to know and honestly? I can't just let you live in ignorance any longer.

And with that, let's look at some of the low-key great things you may have never noticed about Legally Blonde. Let's the bending and snapping commence.

1. Elle's LSAT Prep Questions Are Real

According to IMDb, the LSAT questions Elle's sorority sister Amy is reading her an actual LSAT question a 2000 test.

2. Reese Witherspoon Worked With Some Of Her Co-Stars Before

Think Elle's got good chemistry with her frenemy Vivian and her BFF Serena? That's probably because in real life, Witherspoon had previously worked with Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions and Alanna Ubach in Freeway.

3. Technically, Reese Witherspoon Isn't In The Entire Film

In the opening scene, we see Elle brushing her hair and it's shot so we don't see Elle's face. This is a stand-in for Elle because, according to IMDb, Witherspoon was still in on location in England for The Importance of Being Earnest.

4. Legally Blonde Had A Different Ending

Marie Claire reported in 2015 that Legally Blonde could have ended differently. The original ending of the film would have shown Elle kissing Emmett on the courthouse steps and then cutting to her and blonde Vivian handing out pamphlets for the Blonde Legal Defense Fund. Test audiences hated it, so the final scene, the keynote speech at graduation scene, was written instead.

5. That Graduation Scene Was Not Shot At Harvard

You can thank Witherspoon's Importance of Being Earnest shooting schedule for this one, too. That graduation scene was shot at Dulwich Boys College in England, Buzzfeed notes.

6. Reese Witherspoon Joined Law School & A Sorority As Prep

Okay, so she didn't officially go to law school or join a sorority, but that doesn't mean Witherspoon wasn't serious about preparing. In order to get into Elle's headspace, Buzzfeed states, Witherspoon attended law classes at Loyola Law School and attended some dinners with USC sorority sisters.

7. Warner Goofs When He Tells Elle His Political Dreams

IMDb casually reminds us that Warner actually can't "be a senator by the time [he's] 30," as he tells Elle during the break-up scene because U.S. Senators have to be over 30 years old.

8. The Actor Who Plays Warner Had A Huge Crush On Elle

It turns out that Matthew Davis, who played Warner, actually had a huge crush on Witherspoon. It got so noticeable that it began to affect his performance and the crew had to pull him aside and as if he was OK. Cosmopolitan reported that he eventually told Witherspoon, who let him down gently and encouraged him to just get back to work.

9. Vivian Can Teleport?

In one of the continuity spoofs spotted in the film, it appears that Vivian can both be in class and not be in class. According to IMDb, when Elle gets kicked out of Stromwell's class, Vivian is in class. Then, when Elle goes to sit in the courtyard, Vivian walks by.

10. The "Bend-And-Snap" Scene Could Have Been A Musical Number

During her interview with Instagram to celebrate Legally Blonde's anniversary, Witherspoon opened up about a variety of things about the film, including the infamous "bend-and-snap" scene. According to Witherspoon, that was a full-length musical number before it got cut down.

11. Women Are Going To Law School Because Of Elle Woods

The lasting effect of Legally Blonde is the one thing you wouldn't notice while watching the film. In that same anniversary Instagram interview, Witherspoon reported that women tell her all the time they went to law school because of Elle Woods.