11 Times You Wished Aunt Hilda From 'Sabrina' Was Related To You

Dean Buscher/Netflix

In the new Netflix show, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, or CAOS, everyone's favorite teenage witch gets a dark twist that's vastly different from the show starring Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman. In this new version, Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka plays Sabrina, and as much fun as the 16 year-old's coming-of-age as a witch story is, her Aunt Hilda is often the best part in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Lucy Davis plays Hilda, whose counterpart, Aunt Zelda is played by Miranda Otto, and the two aunts that adopted Sabrina also opened their home to her cousin, Ambrose (Chance Perdomo).

All together, the Spellman family, which runs a mortuary from their own home, hosts a colorful cast of characters, but you can always depend on Aunt Hilda to keep things real. While Aunt Zelda usually tries to stick by the rules of the Church of Night, Aunt Hilda doesn't have as strong a resolve to uphold tradition, and it results in some pretty awesome moments.

Over the course of the first season of CAOS, which premiered on Oct. 26, you slowly watch Aunt Hilda become less and less devoted to her assigned coven, at least during the times when Sabrina wishes to contradict the group of witches. Aunt Hilda puts Sabrina before anything else, and she's also hilarious while doing so. These are some of her best moments.


When She Cured Sabrina's Curse Like It Was NBD

In the first episode, you get an immediate sense of Aunt Hilda's expertise as a witch when she casually diagnoses the blood curse that the Weird Sisters gave to Sabrina.


When She Stopped The Football Players From Bullying Susie

When Susie happened to be at the book store where Aunt Hilda works, the latter steps in when high school jocks start bullying Susie (Lachlan Watson). Hilda wastes no time putting them in their place, even bringing up the ways that one of the boys' past trauma may have caused him to lash out towards others. But that's not an excuse, Aunt Hilda said in so many words.


When She Helped Ambrose Astral-Project For A Date

Hilda obviously has a soft spot for romance, and she really did Ambrose (Chance Perdomo) a solid by helping him astral project to a date while he was on house arrest.


When She Revealed That She'd Attended A Catholic Baptism For Sabrina

Aunt Hilda defied the Church of Night by participating in Sabrina's mortal baptism, and revealed her secret to make sure Sabrina didn't have to sign her soul to the Dark Lord if she didn't want to. Hilda doesn't play by the rules.


When She Dug Herself Out Of The Cain Pit

Aunt Zelda just happens to lash out when her sister annoys her by killing her, but Aunt Hilda always digs herself out of the pit, like the champ that she is.


When Aunt Hilda Lied To The Weird Sisters About Agatha's Health

Nobody could believe when she suggested that Agatha drink fizzy water, but Aunt Hilda lied as a temporary fix so she could protect Sabrina. Best aunt ever.


When Hilda Baked The Family's 'Truth Cake'

"This is my mom’s secret recipe when she thought my dad was having an affair," Aunt Hilda said in Episode 7. Hey, if it works, it works!


When She Related To Sabrina's Apprehension To Being Baptized

While Aunt Zelda might be more of an orthodox witch, Aunt Hilda was able to actually empathize with Sabrina's concerns with the questionable, witchy traditions — like that a woman must be a virgin to be baptized at 16.


When She Comforted Aunt Zelda Who Was Wondering If She Made A Mistake By Adopting Sabrina

As cold and cruel as Zelda could be to Aunt Hilda, the two had a strong bond, and Aunt Hilda was there for her sister in a sweet way.


When Aunt Hilda Made A Plan To Save The Mortals From The Greendale 13

Hilda came up with the brilliant plan of making a tornado so that the mortals of Greendale would hide in the Baxter High basement. She's the real MVP.


When Hilda Was Totally Down To Participate In An Exorcism

When Sabrina approached her aunt to break some rules, Hilda was like, "I'm already excommunicated so why the eff not?"

Everyone needs an aunt like Aunt Hilda.