11 Times Snowboarder Chloe Kim Was The Most Relatable Olympic Athlete Of All Time

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You might not think that you have anything in common with an Olympian but Chloe Kim dismantles that idea in a mere series of tweets. The 17-year-old gold medalist and general Queen of the Slopes stunned judges and the world with a run that was more like an airborne ballet. And during it all, as she floated and twirled and flipped through frigid air, she was hangry. Which is just one of the many times Chloe Kim was the most relatable person. Because, even though you might not be on a halfpipe carved for Olympians — or at all — you've experienced the nuanced emotion of hanger.

She might be featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for sports but that doesn't mean she is never also in dire need of a Netflix recommendation, like the lot of us. Chloe Kim might be the first woman to land 1080s back to back and won a medal at 13, but that doesn't mean she doesn't stock up on pizza. While we might be behind desks, patiently awaiting the clock to strike lunch time, but as Chloe demonstrates, we too have similarities to that of an Olympic queen.

1. Everytime She Tweets About Food

How does Chloe deal with nerves? Churros. Despite activities, even of the Olympic magnitude, daydreaming about what to eat and what was just devoured remain top thoughts.

2. When She Exposed Her Olympian Diet

We imagine athletes of the Olympian variety to have intense, rigorous diets and eating habits that limits them to a few food groups. Chloe tossed that out the window. To be honest, my training diet for just living day to day life is 85 percent of the time pizza. Glad to know pizza leads to gold.

3. When She Posts Pictures Of Her Doggo — And Lots Of Other Doggos

Meeting pups can be emotional for everyone.

4. That Time She Watched Grey's Anatomy With Her Doggo

Sometimes the best partner to sink into the couch and watch TV with is your dog.

5. When She Had Mixed Feelings About Her SAT Scores

Olympians have to take the standardized tests too. I don't know how she did on those SATs, but I do know that she scored a 98.25 in the halfpipe event thanks to NBC Olympics. Which is Harvard level good.

6. When The Little Things Like Chipotle Made Her Happy

It's the little things that count for everyone! Convenience is nice. Especially when it makes ordering burritos easier. We know it and gold medalists know it.

7. When She, An Olympian, Said She Was Lazy

Sometimes we're all out of energy to find something good to watch ourselves. Recommendations are appreciated and don't we all know something about lazily perusing the Netflix library.

8. When She Applied Makeup On An Airplane

It is not easy for ANYONE to apply eyeliner on an airplane or any moving vehicle for that matter. But we will all try and try again, sharing our beauty fails and woe as we go.

9. Um, When She Had Someone Send Her Hot Cheetos

Hot Cheetos cravings are real. And when you find yourself in a situation — country — without access to them, you too would go to lengths to acquire a bag or five. Chloe Kim is a boss and set herself up with a little care package, which is something any of us would do. And, um, speaking of, if anyone wants to send me some Paprika Pringles which are not available in the US, that would be cool. A GIRL HAS GOT TO SNACK!

10. Yes

Stubbing your toe is a dramatic occasion and would not be complete without a fall to the floor.

11. She Gets Nervous Too!

Of course Olympians get nervous. But their talent and stoic nature makes their performance look like ease and approximately zero butterflies were floating in their stomachs. We all get nervous and it's nice to hear from one of the best athletes in the entire world.

Congratulations Chloe! In case you haven't checked out her performance, please watch below through NBC Olympics twitter and make sure to have at least one kleenex by your side before pressing play.