11 Dreamy Tulle Pieces To Rock At All Your Winter Gatherings

Zara, Urban Outfitters, ASOS

Tulle: the dreamiest, floatiest fabric of them all. Once reserved for wedding gowns and ballerinas' tutus, the material has finally entered the everyday world. (You can thank designer Molly Goddard who gifted the world with Villanelle's poofy pink dress.) Although lightweight enough to evoke summer feels, tulle is ideal for festive wintertime occasions. So here's 11 party pieces made from tulle to wear to all your seasonal gatherings.

As Fashionista explains, tulle was originally incredibly expensive. Primarily because it was made from silk. But eventually, cheaper alternatives, such as nylon and polyester, came into play, making tulle accessible to all. Layers upon layers of it were used to create door-wide evening gowns. Even Queen Victoria used the fabric for her wedding gown in 1840.

Tulle has strong links to traditional (some would say outdated) views of femininity, but it is precisely this that makes it so interesting to wear. Pair a frothy tulle dress with a stomping pair of boots, and you've got yourself a combative look. Or combine a tutu-type skirt with a white slogan T-shirt to send your own unique message to the world.

The below party looks could all be described as "pretty", but you can make them your own in a jiffy.