These Twitter Accounts Will Soothe Your Soul


Gone are the halcyon days of Twitter in its prime, when your feed was an endless stream of witticisms and an actual, breathing human could be found behind most accounts. Well, nothing on the internet has never been quite that idyllic, but you get the idea. Although the website has a reputation for being filled with bots, trolls, and self-promoters lately, there are still plenty of relaxing Twitter accounts worth following for those days when you just want to turn your mind off — all you have to do is find them. Luckily for you, that's where I come in.

Social media isn't exactly known for promoting peace and harmony, but in my experience, you get what you put into it. If you don't think twice about jumping right into a flame war in the comments section of some Facebook status, you're not going to find the web site as relaxing as your great aunt who logs on to look at pictures of her grandchildren and post photos of her tomato plants. There's no need to start following a bunch of gardening blogs in an effort to chill out, but if you know where to look, the internet can be a surprisingly soothing place. And so, without further ado, here are 11 Twitter accounts to check out next time you're having a rough day.

Emoji Meadow

Not all bots are created equal, especially when they're made by the professionally hilarious Joe Sondow. (You can thank him for Twitter gems like Picard Management Tips and Worf Email.) Unlike his nerdier endeavors, Emoji Meadow isn't a parody account. I'll let the bot explain its own simple premise: "I am a bot. Every few hours I show you a tiny meadow full of grass and flowers," reads the Emoji Meadow bio. Sometimes, a bee or turtle will even drop by the idyllic scene. How nice!

Emoji Aquarium

If meadows aren't your thing, check out the Emoji Meadow's sister account, Emoji Aquarium. It takes the same tack, tweeting emoji creations every few hours, but rather than flowers and small woodland creatures, the bot posts a series of colorful fish. Different subject, same quiet appeal.

Bob Ross' Ghost

Bob Ross may have died in 1995, but his "ghost" is still going strong on Twitter. When it's not retweeting mentions, the fan account posts GIFs, videos, and quotes from the beloved painter. Just like Ross himself, the effect is super calming.

Self Care Bot

If you're scrolling through Twitter, you could probably use a reminder to take a deep breath and appreciate your day.

The Dalai Lama

Come on. Is there anyone as chill as the Dalai Lama?

The Art Process

This Twitter's bio says it all: "Appreciating how beautiful art is created."


The Calligraphy Twitter account does exactly what you'd expect, posting strangely relaxing videos of calligraphy being written. Before you smash the follow button, though, you should know it tends to retweet from The Art Process, so if you're following both accounts, you'll probably see the same video more than once.

Oddly Satisfying

This account posts anything that falls under that description. Capybaras chilling out in a hot tub? Chopping a bunch of water bottles in half? A winning game of Snake? You can find it all at the Oddly Satisfying Twitter account.

Satisfying Videos

In the same vein as Oddly Satisfying, the Satisfying Videos account is an infinite list of weirdly appealing videos. Prepare for lots of slime and shaving cream.

Food Porn

If you have ironclad self-control, follow any food porn blog of your choosing. Maybe you'll get inspiration for your next snack.

Curiosity Rover

Aside from being pure, silly fun, the Curiosity Rover has a way of putting your problems in perspective. Happy scrolling!