The Bookends You Need For The Perfect Shelfie

by Buffy Flores

There are few things that tell as much about who you are as person as the books you choose to display. What some may consider a simple aesthetic choice, is carefully thought out by others as a collection of memories or a testament to the kind of people they'd like to be. It's a beautiful thing, really, to share who you are without even having to open your mouth.

But unless you have enough books to fill entire bookcases or shelves — if you even have one at all — you'll probably need bookends. They're hard to go without, since bookend-less books have a tendency to stay messily tossed around wherever or to go into storage and never return. While it can feel like another annoying purchase, it can be fun to shop for and can make your space feel more comfortable and representative.

Hopefully, some of the bookends below will inspire you. These bookends are not the cheapest in the world, but they're certainly unique. You don't have to spend this much money to have a nice book arrangement, though seeing which among these you like may help guide you to one you like even better. At the very least, consider this harmless, commitment-free, window shopping.


So Many Books, So Little Time

The motto of book-lovers everywhere.

So Many Books, So Little Time Black, $40, Etsy


Mountain Peak

These beautiful bookends will make your books pop.

Mountain Peak Bookends, $41.13, Etsy


Golden Quotation Marks

A nice accent for any office or workspace.

Golden Lacquered Quotation Marks, $15, Etsy


Blue Agate

Beautiful bookends that will get the job done.

Blue Agate Bookends, $45, Etsy


French Window Boutique

For extra style and flair.

French Window Boutique Bookends, $49, Etsy


Harry Potter Bookend

Perfect for any Harry Potter fan.

Metal Art Bookends, $44.50, Etsy


Don't Worry, I Got This

Add a little cute humor to your books.

Blessing and Light Bookends, $35, Etsy


Tentacle Pirate Ship Attack

If you want your bookends to be art.

Tentacle Pirate Ship Attack, $64.99, Etsy


Forest Bookends

Book-lovers and nature-lovers unite.

Forest Bookends, $59, Etsy


London Bridge

Both sophisticated and adorable.

London Bridge, $64, Etsy


Love The Life You Live

Keep inspiring words nearby.

Love The Life You Live, $45, Etsy