The Best Vegan Super Bowl Party Snack Ideas

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Football snacks are notoriously geared towards carnivores and cheese lovers. The wings, the chili, the sliders, the meatballs, the pizza, the cheese boards, the cheese-dusted everything, the bacon-wrapped everything — it's not an easy party platter to navigate when you're vegan. Whether you're hosting or you're going to someone else's house, it's hard to know how to please everyone — or if you'll even be able to find anything to eat.

So you won't starve, offend your host, or leave things up to chance, you might want to consider whipping up a few simple vegan dishes that are so delicious, you won't become the buzz kill who came with a bag of leaves. Bring some high-brow vegan snacks that don't go untouched by the meat-eaters.

These vegan Super Bowl snacks will be such a hit, people might not even realize they're vegan. They're just the kinds of snacks that are flavor-packed and comforting that you forget they don't have meat or cheese. Because yes folks, it's totally possible to find delicious and hearty food that doesn't have animal products in it. Despite how hard that sounds to accomplish!

Stump your carnivore and cheese-eating friends with these delicious vegan recipes and make the Super Bowl fun for everyone's stomach:

Sweet Potato Fries

These cilantro pepita pesto fries are not your average burger side dish. The immense flavor makes them stand out on their own. Check out the creative recipe on Fo Reals Life.

Faux Cheese & Garlic Dip

You don't have to give up on cheese dips when you're vegan, you just have to reimagine them. Check out this convincing recipe for a cashew cheese dip that tastes just like Havarti by Fo Reals Life.

Sriracha Broccoli

Everyone loves Sriracha, so everyone will love broccoli that's baked in its goodness. Check out this super easy recipe on Fo Reals Life — it's foolproof.

Onion Rings

These vegan beer battered onion rings are seriously adult and sure to give you major bonus points at the snack table. Plus, they're the perfect Super Bowl snack. Check out the recipe on Fo Reals Life.

Blue Potato Chips

Take a break from all the store bought chips — I know they're delicious but here's a recipe from Green Kitchen that yields super yummy chips that don't require you to wear glove when you're eating them. Plus, they're blue and so are the Patriots.

Vegan Nachos

Yes, you don't have to miss out on nachos. Check out the recipe on Naturally Ella for these super tasty chorizo-spiced nachos that you can make with cashew cheese if you're vegan.

Pot Stickers

These are the perfect football snack. They're hot, they're pan-fried, they're hearty, and they're totally vegan. Check out the classic recipe on Naturally Ella.

Spring Rolls

This easy and healthy recipe is super filling and a little bit spicy. Check it out on Naturally Ella and feel free to add whatever veggies you like to the mix.

Buffalo Hummus

OK, so you want that buffalo chicken flavor, but you know you can't have it. Don't fret, this buffalo hummus will totally hit the spot. Check out the recipe on Oh She Glows.

Taco Wraps

Everyone loves tacos. This vegan and gluten-free recipe on Oh She Glows is crazy healthy, super fulling and totally delicious. The secret lentil filling will stump everyone.


You can do so much with a good flatbread recipe. Check out this simple one on Oh She Glows. Decorate it with whatever your heart desires. Make it as complex or simple as you please, there are no rules when it comes to flatbread.