11 Waterproof Snow Boots With The Best Reviews

Winter has come (and no, I'm not talking about on Game of Thrones). Now that you've entered the real world, having no more snow days means it's time to find a pair of waterproof snow boots with the best reviews. They're an absolutely necessity for treks to work in the slush, ice, and snow, and if you want the best snow boots, you have to do a little digging.

The best thing to do when choosing a new pair of snow boots is to make sure they're actually waterproof, and that research boils down to reading the reviews. Sometimes sacrificing style for functionality wins out, but this winter, you can find some really cute waterproof snow boots that you'll actually want to wear. Whether a shoe keeps your toes warm and comfortable or cold and shivering comes down to how your shoe stands up to the elements — something you might not find out until it's too late.

My personal recommendation is to check out a pair of duck boots (I have a pair of Sperry duck boots that are amazing and always keep my toes dry), or get some shearling lined leather ones. Whatever you decide on, you'll find yourself wanting to reach for your new boots, even when there's no snow on the ground.


A Fuzzy, Warm, Duck Boot Perfect For Your Next Ski Trip


Northside Kathmandu Waterproof Snow Boot (Sizes 6-10), $54, Amazon

One reviewer said of this duck boot design, "These are waterproof out of the box. Its been raining for three days and I've taken the dogs out, checked the mail, gone out to the car several times, and my feet are dry." The tall snow boot has amazing faux-fur lining that will definitely keep your feet warm and dry. But, they aren't your average duck boot; they have thermolite insulation that will keep you warm up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. So I would say to pack these for your next cold weather adventure.


A Suede Boot You Can Wear In The Snow


Cougar Jane Winter Boot (Sizes 6-11), $98-$142, Amazon

I used to be so terrified to wear suede in the snow or water. It would get a weird film around it from the salt that's used to melt ice. But this boot is guaranteed waterproof, and it's cute enough to wear to the office. One user said, "This is hands down, the best pair of boots I have ever had. They are comfortable, easy to clean, and go with everything. They look nice enough that I can wear them with a dress and leggings to work." You can get the super comfortable boots (they have memory molded insoles) in chocolate or black.


Keep It Classic With A Pair of Wellies


Hunter Original Tall Wellington Waterproof Winter Snow Boots (Sizes 3-10), $110-$288, Amazon

Keep it classic this winter with a pair of Hunter wellies. They're so cute and come in so many great colors like clementine, azure, urchin, and more. The classic rain boot is also perfect for walking in light snow. You can either get some boot liners to make them a little bit warmer, or purchase a great pair of cozy wool boot socks. Hunter has been around for so long because the boots look amazing with anything. Plus, they offer a fun pop of color to a dreary day.


A Leather Snow Boot With Fun Details


Teva Figueroa Leather Boot (Sizes 5-10), $98-$200, Amazon

If you're not into sacrificing style for functionality, you don't have to with this really cool pair of leather boots. They have an awesome back panel that features crisscrossed leather straps, and they're lined with faux-shearling so your toes will feel toasty warm — even in three feet of snow. One buyer said that she wore these boots all over Iceland, in the snow, on the ice, out to dinner, and hiking. The mid-calf boots come in black and Turkish coffee, so you can find the pair that you love the most.


A Snow Boot To Wear To The Bar


Sorel Joan of Arctic Wedge Booties (Sizes 5-12), $179-$260, Amazon

If it snows, I'm not going to let that stop me from going out to the bar (in fact, some of my favorite nights out in college were during snow storms). And while you could probably throw on any outfit during a snow storm and head out for the night, why not put on a stylish pair of leather booties? They're waterproof, have an awesome wedge, and have a rubber sole that will help you keep you from slipping in the snow or on the ice. Rock these with a pair of black jeans, and you're good to go.


Make Sure Feet Stay Warm And Dry


Totes Circle Snow Boots (Sizes 8-10), $30, Amazon

Sometimes you don't have to break the bank to find waterproof boots that are really waterproof and keep your toes warm. One buyer said she went to a couple of outdoor holiday activities and her feet were warm and dry the entire time. They're cute because of the quilted design, and the rubber sole is slip-resistant and comfortable. You can participate in all of the winter activities you want with these adorable boots.


Find The Snow Boot Of Your Dreams


Sorel Tivoli II Boots (Sizes 3-12), $97, Amazon

Sorel gives you the option to find the style of boot that you want. Do you want something that has a pattern? Or pops of color? What about different textures of material? Sorel boots can be classic or stylish. You can count on having warm and dry feet, but you can also make a statement in the boots, if that's what you're going for.


Keep The Warm In, And The Cold Out


MuckBoots Arctic Adventure Boot (Sizes 6-11), $92-$160, Amazon

The knee-high boot has a stretch fit top that basically snuggles up on your leg, and the design doesn't allow heat to escape or cold to come in. So, while they may not look like the warmest boots around, buyers argue that they are: "I shoveled for one and a half hours and stood talking to the neighbor for an extra forty-five minutes...feet dry and comfy." The snug fit also means no water can come inside your boot.


A Versatile Boot, So You Can Wear It How You Want


Sporto Daphne Duck Boot (Sizes 6-10), $26-$100, Amazon

I love a pair of snow boots that are fashionable (I had to include some more duck boots), comfortable, waterproof, and warm. But, perhaps my favorite thing about the perfect pair of snow boots is when you can wear them more than one way. These faux-fur lined boots can be worn as a tall or short boot. All you have to do is fold over the top to reveal beautiful faux fur. Reviewers agree that they are super waterproof and perfect for the snow.


A Pair Of Waterproof Boots You Can Do Any Activity In


Merrel Aurora 6 Waterproof Faux Fur Lined Boot (Sizes 6-11), $140, Nordstrom

If you're into adventuring and you love to go hiking (even when there is snow on the ground), you need to have a quality pair of snow boots. These ones are made with a special sole that will grip ice, snow, and slush, so you don't fall down. One buyer said, "these boots are definitely waterproof. I walked through a shallow river and was walking in one-two feet of snow. They keep your feet incredibly warm and are very very comfortable...They have great support over the ankles and I was able to hike on rocks without slipping." So grab these boots for your next outdoor adventure.


A Stylish Fan Favorite


Timberland 6 Inch Waterproof Boot (Sizes 5.5-11), $170, Nordstrom

I had a pair of Tims growing up. They were amazing snow boots (I shoveled quite a bit of driveways in these bad boys). But, perhaps my favorite part of them is that I could wear them with a pair of jeans and they'd look cute and keep my feet warm and dry at the same time. The boots have been given a bit of an upgrade since I had them. They now have a fleece-padded collar for the comfiest fit (I also think it makes them look so much cuter).

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