11 Ways BFF Relationships Have Changed From The '90s Versus Today

To friend girls sitting by the lake andand relaxing at sunset.
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We all had that one BFF growing up in the '90s — that one person we'd have late-night phone calls with, gossip with about how strict our parents were, coordinate outfits with. And when you think about best friends in the '90s versus today, you realize that a lot has changed, but the fundamentals remain the same: you still spend late nights on the phone with your BFF and you still gossip with her. You also still coordinate outfits but then pretend it was a total accident. Really, things aren't all that different after all. We're just older and drink way more wine.

Best friends are the siblings we never had. Or maybe we did have siblings but we just didn't like them very much. While your siblings stole your favorite toys and ran around outside with your training bra on your head (*cough* happened to a friend...), your best friend was the one you'd make prank calls with, and the shoulder to cry on when you caught your crush holding hands with some other chick on the playground.

We wouldn't be where we are without our best friends — both back in the '90s, and to this day, even though times may have changed a little.


The Fights We Get Into

In the '90s: Your BFF totally promised to take care of your digital pet while you were away on vacation, and then she let it die. You couldn't look at her the same after that.

Today: Adults don't actually fight anymore. Instead, we leave passive-aggressive comments on Facebook and purposely don't like each other's Instagram posts.


How We Make Up Afterward

In the '90s: This was the pre-smartphone era; so getting through a fight with your BFF usually involved passing her a note in class, complete with lots of frown faces, dotting the i's with hearts so she knew how sad you were without her, and ending it with "LYLAS" — "love you like a sis," for anyone who forgot how we used to abbreviate stuff.

Today: The peace offering frequently involves a $12 Starbucks coffee drink and a smiling selfie of you two together to put the past behind you.


Friday Night Entertainment

In the '90s: We'd head to the mall and buy fake nose rings from Claire's, right before sneaking into an R-rated movie. We were so bad.

Today: Who goes out anymore? Not us. Give us something on Netflix to binge watch and a bottle or 12 of wine, and we're good to go. Can you say FriYAY?


Playing Wingwoman

In the '90s: After determining who the love of your life was using the almighty cootie catcher, you'd stage a run-in during science class, while your BFF kept other girls away.

Today: Every BFF knows the way to help you find lasting love: spending 14 hours trying to find him on Facebook with nothing but his middle name.


Squad Goals

In the '90s: Basically, life was all about finding three more girls as cool as you so you could pretend to be the Spice Girls.

Today: Well, the good news is you only need one more person to do the Single Ladies dance, but you're not much of a people person these days, so your BFF is more than enough.


Things We Gossip About

In the '90s: It was usually about how you biggest enemy showed up to school wearing the same scrunchie or took your slap bracelet or gave everyone one of her Warhead candies at lunch but you.

Today: Whatever it is, is probably has something to do with Game of Thrones.


Helping Each Other Through Heartbreak

In the '90s: Nobody knew how to help you through a breakup like your BFF, who would always show up to class with an extra Cosmic Brownie for you.

Today: Yoga. Manis/pedis. $5 wine. And then a girls' night out at the bar where you get hit on and your BFF has to tell them to get lost.


How We Stay In Touch

In the '90s: This was back in the day when we went to each other's homes and rang the doorbell. Sometimes, we'd call their house and their dad would answer, and then it was just awkward.

Today: We don't even use words anymore. Only emojis.


Things We Get In Trouble For

In the '90s: Causing trouble was so much more innocent in the '90s — Ding Dong Ditch and TP-ing the neighbor's house and putting a whoopie cushion under the music teacher's chair.

Today: If your BFF is also your work wife, then you definitely get busted at least once a week for being late to work because you decided on an impromptu Starbucks trip first.


Sticking Up For Each Other To The Haters

In the '90s: When ish went down on the playground, you'd... you'd... run and tell Mom and Dad.

Today: Things are much less confrontational these days. Ticking off the haters typically requires a fabulous night out and posting dozens of pictures on the Facebook so they know they weren't invited.


How You Show Off Your Unbreakable Bond

In the '90s: Homemade BFF friendship bracelets all the way.

Today: Sometimes, matching tattoos are in order; but if that's a bit too much, you'll put that you're in a relationship with each other on Facebook because it's so funny and makes you LOL.