11 Weird But Genius Time-Saving Inventions For People Who Are Always Late

If you're constantly struggling to get places on time, to the point where you find yourself stressing about getting there before you're even late, let me tell you: you're not alone. Even if you've thought a lot about how to save time when you're in a hurry, when it's actually time it can seem like those practical thoughts are nowhere to be found. While there are definitely many ways to go about improving your timeliness, adding a few of these time-saving inventions to your routine might be just the thing to help you get there.

Certain tasks can end up sucking up way more time than we ever intended them to. Taking simple steps like keeping track of the time it takes for you to take a shower or prepping things you know you'll need the next day can make all the difference when the rush is on.

Being mindful of your days and taking the time to think about what you need to feel your best — and planning accordingly — can help you start showing up to your doctor's appointment, to work, or drinks with the girls on time. And that really makes things a lot less stressful for everyone involved!

1. Put Your Whole Outfit Together The Night Before


SONGMICS Multifunctional Bamboo Garment Laundry Rack, $45, Amazon

The age old problem: a closet full of clothes, and nothing to wear. If that describes your life then you could really benefit from picking your outfits the night before. A garment rack with shelves and hooks is a really great way to set out your clothes and accessories before you have to be somewhere. Aside from saving you time, this one will look great standing in your room!

2. . . . And Your Coffee


Keurig K475 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, $122, Amazon

If you waste time in the morning making coffee, you should look into purchasing a programmable coffee maker. This K-cup single serve coffee maker can be programmed to turn on automatically so you can brew a fresh cup at just the right moment. Set it to start brewing right when your alarm goes off so you can walk into the kitchen and enjoy a hot cup while you get ready. This coffee maker even comes with a stainless steel travel mug so you can take it on the go, so you're never late.

3. Prep Meals At The Beginning Of The Week So You Can Just Grab It And Go


Meal Prep Storage (10 Pack), $19, Amazon

If you find that the place that you're late to the most is work, then cut out some of the things you do in the morning. If you usually bring lunch to work, make it beforehand. Take some time every Sunday to prepare your meals for the week. These meal prep storage containers are great because they have different portion sizes and allow you to pack a balanced meal. And, they're leak resistant and microwave safe.

4. Make Sure You Wake Up On Time With This Vibrating Alarm


Silent Vibrating Personal Alarm Clock "Shake-N-Wake," $18, Amazon

Heavy sleepers can sometimes sleep right through their alarm clocks. If you're reading this and you're like, "oh hey, that's me," then you should definitely think of getting a vibrating alarm clock. This one can be worn on your wrist or placed under your pillow. A vibrating alarm can wake even the heaviest of sleepers. One person who bought it said she always wakes up because the feeling of the vibration can be felt through her whole arm.

5. Take Your Breakfast With You On The Go


EZ-Freeze Cereal On The Go, $8, Amazon

Something as simple as eating breakfast can sometimes make you late in the morning. Or if you oversleep, you may feel tempted to skip a meal. Instead, pack your milk and cereal in an easy to-go container. The top holds the cereal, the bottom holds the milk, and the lid holds the spoon — so your cereal won't wind up soggy. You won't have to skip a meal and you'll be on time for work.

6. Skip Blowdrying Your Hair And Opt For A Wet-To-Dry Tool Instead


Remington S7330 Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, $26, Amazon

If you style your hair in the morning, chances are it's taking more time than you'd like to admit. Skipping your morning blow dry could add precious minutes that make the difference between being on time or late. To get the most out of a wet-to-dry straightener, like the Remington S7330, shower first thing in the AM and let your hair air-dry while you go about your morning — but you don't need to let it dry all the way! Once your done with the other parts of your morning routine, your hair will likely still be damp. That's where a wet-to-dry straightener comes in handy. This one is designed with ceramic plates and steam vents that won't fry your hair, like running a traditional straightener through wet hair would.

7. Take Shorter Showers So You Can Spend More Time Getting Ready


Waterpebble, $14, Amazon

Suction this little waterproof timer to your shower floor and practice taking shorter ones. Taking shorter showers is not only good for saving water, but it also saves you time that you can use to get ready and be out of the door at the right moment. This timer monitors the water flow, and uses a color system to let you know when it's time to turn the water off.

8. Use Multifunctional Makeup


Bite Beauty Multistick, $41, Amazon

Bite makes some seriously great makeup. And their multistick can you help you cut down the time it takes to apply your makeup by using a product that can be applied with your fingers to your eyes, lips, and cheeks. It comes in gorgeous colors like biscotti, praline, cashew, anise, brioche, and more.

9. Plan Out Each Day In Detail


Day Designer Daily And Monthly Planner, $30, Amazon

This is a tool that I really do use all the time. Each section has a monthly calendar in the front, so you can plan out your month. But, my favorite part of the Day Designer Daily And Monthly Planner is that you can literally schedule your entire day out and keep a to-do list next to it. Each day of every month has space for you to keep track of appointments, activities, and more. By planning out your days, you can stay on top of where you need to be and when you need to be there.

10. Set A Time Limit On Tasks


5-15-30-60 Minute Preset Cube Timer, $20, Amazon

A lot of the time, the reason that people are late, is because they got caught up doing something else. You can completely avoid that by setting a specific time limit on your tasks. This cube timer allows you to preset five, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. So if you want to get a quick workout in, set it to 30 minutes. If you want to spend some time on Instagram, set it to 15 minutes. That way, when it starts to buzz, you know it's time to move on and start something new. By setting aside small amounts of time for everyday activities, you actually end up being more productive, which will in turn help you avoid being late for your next one.

11. Have Alexa Tell You The Traffic So You Know When To Leave


Amazon Echo, $180, Amazon

If the reason you're late all of the time is because you're constantly getting stuck in traffic, then it's time for you to start relying on Alexa. While you're getting ready, simply ask Alexa, "What's the traffic like?" She'll let you know what the current conditions are so you know when the best time to leave is. Alexa can also tell you the weather conditions so you know what to expect on your drive.

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