11 Weird Ways Your Body Is Trying To Tell You To Drink More Water

We all know the doctor's advice. It's important to drink enough water throughout the day — otherwise, you'll suffer the symptoms of dehydration. But, with how busy we all are, it's easy to just... well, forget. So much so that it's a common New Year's resolution amongst people to remember to drink more water — you might not ever feel thirsty, so you forget, and that's why that first glass of water stays half full through the day. But, there are weird symptoms of thirst that you might not be noticing occurring throughout the day — proof you might need to chug a little more water throughout the day.

I'm one of those people who wedge "drink water" into my daily to-do list. It's easy to look past — or through — the transparent glass on your desk with all those incoming e-mails grabbing your attention. And it's not like anyone is regularly blasting through bags of extra salty pretzels to make themselves feel desperate to down two liters of water in under five minutes (please don't do this, it's not healthy). However, you don't need to be running a marathon or hiking through the Sahara to be motivated to stay hydrated— you just have to listen to your body. Regardless of how we ~feel~, our body could be trying to get our attention with other signs that it needs to be replenished with the essential H2O. Tune into your bod and see if maybe you need to move onto that second glass of water right now.

You're Not Peeing

If you're noticing that you haven't taken a bathroom break at all during the day, you might want to pick up a bottle of water. lists "less frequent urination" as a symptom of dehydration. Don't worry, you might not actually be dehydrated, but you might definitely be thirsty without realizing it. Alternatively, if your urine is a darker shade of yellow that's your body's way of letting you know that you need to lighten up with some H2O!

You Have Bad Breath

You might not be able to get a whiff of your own breath, but you might have a dry mouth which is a sign that your breath might be ... a little ... harsh. According to, if you're not producing enough saliva, it could be because you're not drinking enough water. Instead of relying on breath mints, just get an extra glass in.

You Aren't Producing Tears

A strange signal your body might be sending you to let you know you need a glass of water is a suspension of tears when you cry — well, try to cry. says that if you're experiencing less tear production, you could be thirsty. Refill those tear ducts!

You're Battling A Headache

Everyone hates a headache. They're unwelcomed disruptions to our day. To prevent them, you might want to drink water. If an annoying throb above your brow sneaks up on you, it would be in your best interest to make your way to the water fountain. A headache could just mean that you're thirsty.

Your Skin Is Dry

Even if you don't feel like you need a sip of water anytime soon, your skin might beg to differ. Dry skin is a way to alert you that your body needs to be replenished with water.

You're Cramping

John Higgins MD, associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Texas in Houston, tells that, "Changes in the electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, can lead to muscle cramping as well." If you're feeling a little cramped up, you could need water to level you out.

You Feel Hungry

So maybe you're feeling like you need to put something in your body. But you're confusing that craving for water with one for food. If you're hungry, you could actually be wanting water instead. Drink a glass before ordering a second lunch and see how you feel.

You're Feeling Sick

If you're feeling under the weather, you might not want to put anything in your body. But liquids are the purest medicine and you need to stock your bod up on fluids to keep it functioning. If you start to feel like you're slipping into that winter flu, start drinking water. You could be thirstier than you think. And then follow up with your doctor, cause uh, it could actually be the flu.

You're Feeling A Little Slow

We all fall victim to the 3 p.m. slump. When you start to slow down, take a water or tea break. You don't actually have to drink just water when you figure you're thirsty. reports that "all fluids count toward your daily intake, not just plain old H2O." Can't concentrate? To the water cooler!

You're Getting Dizzy

You know when you stand up quickly and get hit with a wave of dizziness? That could mean you're not getting enough water and are in need of a glass, and maybe a break from your computer screen. Give yourself a break and savor a few sips of water.

There Are Bags Under Your Eyes

We all wake up with bags under our eyes — at least, I do. And that means I need to book it to the sink and drink a glass of water. I'm never thirsty first thing, but after an eight hour snooze of no liquids, I'm probably in dire need of a little H2O, especially if my under eye appearance is any indication.