11 Weird Symptoms Of Thirst That Mean You Need To Drink Water Immediately

We all know the doctor's advice. It's important to drink enough water throughout the day — otherwise, you'll suffer the symptoms of dehydration. But, with how busy we all are, it's easy to just... well, forget. So much so that it's a common New Year's resolution amongst people to remember to drink more water — you might not ever feel thirsty, so you forget, and that's why that first glass of water stays half full through the day. But, there are weird symptoms of thirst that you might not be noticing occurring throughout the day — proof you might need to chug a little more water throughout the day.

I'm one of those people who wedge "drink water" into my daily to-do list. It's easy to look past — or through — the transparent glass on your desk with all those incoming e-mails grabbing your attention. And it's not like anyone is regularly blasting through bags of extra salty pretzels to make themselves feel desperate to down two liters of water in under five minutes (please don't do this, it's not healthy). However, you don't need to be running a marathon or hiking through the Sahara to be motivated to stay hydrated— you just have to listen to your body. Regardless of how we ~feel~, our body could be trying to get our attention with other signs that it needs to be replenished with the essential H2O. Tune into your bod and see if maybe you need to move onto that second glass of water right now.