11 Wild AF Moments In 'The Santa Clause' That We All Just Kind Of...Accepted

by Mary Kate McGrath

There are some holiday movies that are worth revisiting every year. Elf is a contemporary classic, most people grew up watching the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer television special, and A Christmas Story is a popular watch as well. There's one holiday movie, however, that has some pretty strange moments. Here are 11 wild things that happen in The Santa Clause, and if you rewatch the movie this year be on the lookout for these moments. It's not every holiday movie goes off into a surreal fantasy comedy land like this one There are two sequels, but the original Santa Clause was potentially the most strange.

The movie follows a single-dad and a toy-company executive named Scott Calvin who doesn't make enough time for his son, Charlie. On Christmas Eve, Calvin accidentally knocks Santa off his roof. He finishes Santa's trip with his son, and makes the mistake of putting on Santa's suit. The two travel to the North Pole, and the elves inform Calvin that he must now take on the responsibility of being Santa. Even though he looks more like Father Christmas every day, he struggles to convince his family and friends of what has happened. The whole premise makes for some pretty strange shenanigans, here are the most wild moments from the film.

1. The Sleigh Ride


When Santa's sleigh crash lands on Calvin's roof, he flies off into the night with his son Charlie. This defies aerodynamic physics for sure, but Calvin thinks the most ridiculous part of the night is that his son wants him to wear a Santa costume. Why is nobody discussing the flying deer?

2. This Elastic Chimney

Speaking of questionable physics, we need to talk about the moment when Calvin first goes down the chimney to deliver gifts. These '90s era special effects and an adult knowledge of trespassing laws make this scene seem extra odd. Again, nobody seems nearly as phased by any of this as they should be.

3. This Bossy Elf

If you were mysteriously transported to a mysterious winter wonderland full of candy architecture and pointy-eared people, you might have some questions. Luckily, when Calvin makes it to the North Pole for the first time, this bossy elf explains to Calvin that he must now take on Santa's responsibilities. Normal day.

4. When Calvin Starts To Santa-ify


The first scene where Calvin wakes up with Santa symptoms, he's grown an enormous grey beard and gained an inordinate amount of weight overnight. It's the main gimmick of the film but it's just so weird.

5. Check This Doctor's Credentials

This doctor isn't particularly concerned about the fact that Calvin's weight gain and hair growth defy biology. He decides that Calvin is completely healthy even though his heartbeat is Christmas music and that it is probably a hormonal imbalance. He might as well have been like "Diagnosis: you're Santa. Woops, it happens!"

6. This Dance Moment

When Calvin finally decides to embrace his Santa status, there's this weird dance-walk moment to ZZ Top's "Gimme All Your Lovin." Santa is inexplicably wearing the jumpsuit of a race-car driver, and surely this cant be an time-effective way to walk when you have to deliver gifts to the billions of people in the world.

7. The Hair Insta-Grow

Throughout the film, Calvin tries to tackle the new beard issue with constant shaving. In one scene toward the end of his Santa transformation, he shaves his whole face only to have the white fluff grow back instantly. It definitely violates the uncanny valley, and the whole thing is super creepy.

8. The Elf Jail Break


Nobody believes that Calvin is truly Santa because they're all using logic, and he's ultimately put in jail. In order to make sure that Calvin Clause makes it to the North Pole in time, Charlie teams up with some flying elves in glorified Ghostbusters costumes to free his dad. It's all pretty weird.

9. The Whole North Pole Scene TBH


The elves in the North Pole seem strangely at peace with the change in management. Similarly, Calvin and Charlie seem pretty unphased by the mystical candy village in the arctic. This might be a practicality, but how exactly does heating work when the walls are made of candy canes?

10. When Everyone Accepts Calvin's Santa Status

At the end of this film, everyone just accepts that Calvin is now Santa Clause as if he just got a job promotion. It's not too much of a stretch in a film where everyone has already accepted that deer can fly and that beards turn white overnight and grow exponentially.

11. Santa's Demise

This movie is meant to be a cheery holiday movie, but it does begin with Santa crash-landing off the roof of a house. It begins with demise of Father Christmas. It's an weird beginning to a wacky movie.

The conclusion here is that The Santa Clause is a beloved holiday film, but it's also maybe a horror movie. If you were merely an observer in this movie you would have a lot of questions for Steve Calvin, and also might be concerned about the fact that adults just believe in flying forest creatures now. It's also has a truly questionable moral lesson' at this whole movie is about assuming the identity of a fictional holiday character is the secret to winning back your wife. This movie definitely has the most wacky premise in a holiday movie, and there are plenty of wild moments as a result.