11 Workplace Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

Whether you’re someone who color codes their calendar and alphabetizes their books, or a person whose primary organizational method is cryptic reminders written on loose pieces of paper in your purse, new office supplies can have a wonderfully relaxing, therapeutic effect. Even if you have the basics — Post-Its, a stapler, a whimsical coffee mug — there are always workplace gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

The right gadgets can transform your workspace from a cube of doom and gloom where you spend most of your time staring at spreadsheets and responding to passive-aggressive emails from your coworkers, into a colorful oasis of bliss and delight where you still spend most of your time staring at spreadsheets and responding to passive-aggressive emails from your coworkers, but now you have a handy dandy desktop humidifier and your skin is all dewey!

While there are a ton of cool tech gizmos out there, what we really need is a way to organize them all. Now that most people are juggling an array of devices, including work phones, personal computers, tablets, and fidget spinners, conserving space and managing the mess of wires that collects around your desk is especially important. Check out these workplace gadgets that will help you un-clutter your desk and your head, leaving more room for you to draft an angry response to Janet from HR!

Book Arc for Mac

Sleek Book Arc, $50, Amazon

If you have to manage multiple computers at the office or at home, this sleek BookArc allows you to store your laptop vertically, saving a ton of space on your desk, and ensuring you don't accidentally put a cup of coffee on it. The BookArc also allows you to connect to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse, so you can continue your work on your laptop on a larger desktop screen.

A USB Port Hub

USB Port Hub, $20, Amazon

No more desperate searches for USB ports when your phone's battery is running low, or having to choose which of your various electronics deserves to be plugged in and which will die, cold and alone. Cateck's hub ensures your devices will always have a (USB) port in the storm.

A Smartpen

Bluetooth Enabled Pen, $151, Amazon

This Bluetooth-enabled Smartpen converts any notes you take into text on various apps. Whether you don't want to be on your tablet during meetings, or you just prefer taking handwritten notes but you still want to be able to access them on your phone, this tool lets you sync your handwritten notes with all of your devices.

A USB Mug Warmer (That's Shaped Like A Donut!)

USB Mug Warmer, $16, Amazon

Not only is having a lil' donut sitting on your desk delightful, this mug warmer will keep your coffee warm when you get distracted by a last-minute project or a really good online sale.

A Desktop Mini Fridge

Desktop Mini Fridge, $44, Amazon

If coffee's not really your thing, and you prefer a refreshing, cold soda instead, check out this adorable desktop mini fridge that can plug into a USB port, and will keep your fizzy drinks cool.

A Key Finder

Tile Mate Key Finder, $22, Amazon

No more running late to work because you can't find your keys. The Tile Mate is a small bluetooth tracker that you can loop onto your keychain, luggage, wallet, or anything you have a tendency to misplace, and the Tile app will help you find it. Your Smartphone can make the Tile Mate ring until you find it, or notify you of its most recent location.

Cable Clips

Colorful Cable Clips, $5, Amazon

I know a lot of these items are related to USB cords, but I feel like I spend a solid 1% of my life rummaging around the floor of my desk either looking for a USB cord that seems to have evaporated, or trying to find somewhere to plug it in. These colorful little clips from Shintop let you keep your cords on hand even when they're not plugged in.

A Desktop Humidifier

Desk Humidifier, $16, Amazon

There is something about the air they pump into office buildings that leeches the life force from your skin (and occasionally your soul). This little desktop humidifier can be plugged in with a USB, and will keep the air at your desk fresh and your face looking glowing and dewey.

A Handheld Shredder

Office shredders are SO loud. Sure, you want to protect company information and whatnot, but at what cost to your eardrums? This little handheld shredder lets you quickly destroy documents at your desk without having to use the office's industrial shredder and getting side-eyed by all your coworkers.

Tear-Away Flash Drives

Tear-Away Flash Drive, $40, The Grommet

Flash drives are one of those things that are never around when you need them. This small pack of USB's fits comfortably in your wallet, and ensures you always have a flash drive on hand.

An Office Balance Board

Office Balance Board, $189, Fluidstance

You're active - you got a standing desk, you get in you 10,000 steps a day, you always take the stairs. If you want to up your level activity at the office, try this balancing deck by Fluidstance, which allows you to stay in motion while you work.