12 ’90s TV Locations You Can Visit IRL To Prove You’re The Ultimate Fan

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Whether you wish you were Carrie Bradshaw or want to be where everybody knows your name, when you're a big fan of a TV show, one of the coolest things you can do is visit one of the sets or locations where it was filmed. Of course, there are locations from all eras of television still around for fans to check out, but to narrow the nostalgia down, let's focus on '90s TV locations you can visit. There were some huge hits during the decade that you probably still watch regularly. Plus, with so many sitcoms on the air, that decade is known for iconic, establishing shots of houses and apartments — all sites that are pretty easy to visit.

As you'll see in the slideshow, there are a few ways to go about seeing locations from your favorite show in person. For some series, there are actual tours that fans can purchase tickets for. For others, there are studio sets you can take a stroll around. And in other cases, you can look up directions to locations you want to see and head out on your own. Twin Peaks fans might want to do a little trip around Washington state, for instance.

From a famous Manhattan diner to a scenic park in San Francisco, here are 12 famous '90s TV locations you can see for yourself:

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