12 Alexa Games To Play With Friends At Your Next Party

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Whether you need help keeping track of your schedule for the day or staying on task, Amazon's Alexa has got your back. And thanks to numerous add-ons and extra apps, the virtual smart assistant is helpful in lots of other situations that have nothing to do with work. Sometimes, for example, you might need a hand coming up with something to do while friends are over. Well, you're in luck. There are several different Alexa games that you can play with friends anytime, anyplace. You just have to know what to say.

If you didn't know you could even play games using your Alexa, you're not alone. While all the games can be found on Amazon's Alexa Skills site pretty easily, they don't seem to be as heavily advertised as, say, Alexa's ability to read the news and weather out loud every morning. Regardless, they can be a lifesaver if you feel an awkward silence start to creep in during your next get-together. Most of the games can be started with a simple, "Alexa play ... " turning the rest of your evening into a fun game night all with just a few words.

Here are 12 Alexa games you can play with your friends today or next time you host a party:


Song Quiz

Are you and your friends real music lovers? You can test your knowledge of songs with Alexa's Song Quiz. By saying "Alexa, open Song Quiz," you'll start a game where you have to guess the name and singer for any song Alexa plays. While Alexa has thousands of different options from the last six decades to choose from, you can specify which decade of music you want to play with. Whether it's the 60s or 2010s or anything in between, you and your friends can see which one of you is a true music master.


Would You Rather?

You can play "Would You Rather?" even without Alexa, but the game is so much more fun when no one knows which wacky question is up next. With questions like "Would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?" you'll find out more about your friends and likely get into fun discussions about who has the best answer and why. All you have to do is say, "Alexa, play 'Would You Rather?'" and watch the madness unfold.


Twenty Questions

Although you can play Twenty Questions with Alexa one-on-one, it can be more exciting to see if you and all your friends can outwit your virtual smart assistant. In the same way you'd play the game in any other setting, you think of something (animal, vegetable, abstract concept, or anything in between) and then Alexa will ask you several questions to try and narrow down what you might be thinking of. And if Alexa can't guess what you had on your mind, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you outsmarted a computer.



If you and your friends love watching Jeopardy! you're going to love playing it even more. By saying, "Alexa, open Jeopardy!" you can act like you're right there with Alex Trebek trying to solve as many prompts as possible. From sports and pop culture to travel and history, you and your friends can test your knowledge on all things trivia.



OK, sure, Bingo might not be at the top of your list for most exciting games, but it can really be a lot of fun when you have a couple of good friends over and some great snacks. Just say, "Alexa, open Bingo" to start a round with your friends. You can get Bingo cards off of after clicking on the Skills link. Each time you say "Call the next number," Alexa will read out different numbers. The first person to say "Bingo" out loud wins.


Categories Game

You and your friends can break up into different teams and get competitive with Alexa's Categories Game. The game begins with Alexa "rolling" for a letter. Once a letter is chosen, Alexa gives different categories such as Animal or Country, and you have to name things that belong in that category that begin with the letter chosen. The faster you give an answer, the more points you can get. And the team with the most points wins.


The Wayne Investigation

If mystery is more of your group's thing, The Wayne Investigation is a fun game you can play with Alexa. To play the game, you listen to Alexa help guide you to finding out who killed Bruce Wayne's parents. You're given options to choose from that either help or deter you from getting closer to the killer. You and your friends can work together to solve the mystery and bring the Wayne family the justice they deserve.


The Fake News Game

With The Fake News Game, you and your friends can work together or on separate teams to try and figure out which of of the headlines Alexa reads out are real or fake news. While you may think this is easy, remember how wacky the news can get sometimes. The more headlines you can get, the more points you get.


Party Game

If you're looking for a fast and fun drinking game, Alexa's Party Game and a deck of cards is all you need. The deck is distributed amongst all the players and then Alexa reads out different rules that applies to cards you have that require you to drink. It's the perfect game to play before a night out or even before a fun night in.


Spelling Bee

OK, a spelling bee game doesn't sound all that enticing. But if you throw in a few drinks and your closest friends, you can actually end up having a really great time. Alexa's Spelling Bee game lets you have a live spelling competition against your friends. In the likeness of a real spelling bee, you can ask Alexa for a word's definition, origin, or sentence example. Either way, you'll find out which one of your friends is a spelling wiz.


Guess Who I Am Game

The Guess Who I Am Game is a speedy game of memory where you "meet" several different characters with different voices. At the end of meeting all the characters, one asks you to guess who they are, requiring you to remember the name of the character that matches the voice. You and your friends can work together to see how good your collective memory is or verse each other in a face-off to determine whose memory is best.


Trivia Skill Challenge

If you think you and your friends know a lot of trivia about different states in the U.S., then the Trivia Skill Challenge from Amazon's Alexa will help you put that knowledge to the test. Choose what state you want to be quizzed on and let Alexa do the rest. You can test your friends on your home state or try your hand on a more random place. Either way, the person who gets the most questions correct wins.