12 April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Friends In 2017

With so much despair peppering your newsfeed lately, a little levity is just what you need this spring. Luckily, April Fools' Day is almost upon us, and that means it's time to pull some epic pranks. These April Fools' Day pranks to play on your friends in 2017 are just what you need to help bring laughter back into your life.

While the exact origin of April Fools' Day is murky, it's thought to be rooted in the 1500s when when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. Since the only way to get the word out back then — you know before newspapers, TV, radio, and social media — was most likely word of mouth or carrier pigeon. Because of these communications limitations, not everyone got the memo, and those slow to catch on were dubbed April Fools' for continuing to celebrate the new year in April instead of January.

Additionally, History.com claims that April "fools" were often marked by having a paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as “poisson d’avril” (April fish), to symbolize a young, easily caught fish, and a gullible person.

English pranksters popularized the April Fools' Day holiday in the 1700s when they began to play tricks on people. Since then the tradition of playing April Fools' Day pranks has been adopted by almost everyone, including the news media. If you're looking for a laugh this Apr. 1, here are 12 fun April Fools' Day pranks to play on your friends in 2017.

1. Anything Involving Fake Insects


I hate bugs. A lot. They scare me to death, and I know it's completely irrational. Maybe don't play this prank on someone who might pass out if they see a bug. But, if your friends have a good sense of humor you can pick up some fake insects and put them anywhere, and everywhere. You can stick one in a friend's sandwich, under a lampshade so it's illuminated when they switch on the light, on their laptop — it's up to you! The best part about this is the relief when your friend realizes the bugs are fake.

2. Create A Fake Online Event To Audition For Their Favorite Show


You and your friends probably have at least one show that you never miss. This is a perfect opportunity for an epic April Fools' Day prank. Create an online event detailing that the show is going to be shooting an episode in your city, and is looking for locals to be in the cast. Ask them to submit a 60-second video about why they are perfect for the show, and a sample of them singing. When you get all of the submissions, string them together in a hilarious video that ends with you shouting "Happy April Fools' Day!"

3. Change The Language On Their Computer Or Phone


If you're true besties, you likely know the password to your friends' phones. When they step away, grab their device and make a quick language change. When they come back, play dumb for as long as you can stand it.

4. Put An Airhorn Under Their Chair


Give your friends a surprise when they sit down by putting an airhorn under their desk chair. This April Fools' Day prank is loud, and will literally startle your friend right out of their seat.

5. Cover Yourself In Temporary Tattoos


If you are known among your friends as someone who would never get a tattoo or piercing, here's your chance to play a fun joke. Get a bunch of temporary tattoos and cover yourself with them. Make up a crazy story about how you got the tattoos, and stick with it as long as you can keep a straight face. You can also buy a fake nose ring. See how long your friends are in shock before they realized they've been punk'd.

6. Serve Them Carmel Onions Disguised As Apples


OK, this one is pretty mean, but you know your friends best. Instead of making traditional caramel apples, use onions instead. The look on your friends' faces will be priceless, and you can probably expect some payback for this one, because gross.

7. Replace The Autocorrect Words On Their Phone


Swipe your friend's phone and replace the words in their autocorrect settings with something hysterical. Your friend will never see this one coming, and it's a gift for you too since you'll be able to enjoy the absurd texts they send you all day trying to figure out what happened to their phone.

8. Leave A Post-It Apologizing For Hitting Their Car


Leave a post it on your friend's car with a note apologizing for hitting it. Watch your friend frantically inspect their car trying to find the damage.

10. Make Their Car Sing


You can easily pull off this April Fools' Day prank with a harmonica, and some duct tape. Simply tape the harmonica to the front grill of your friend's car. Once they start cruising, the harmonica will start playing thus creating an instant soundtrack for their morning commute.

11. Sign Them Up For An Odd Club Or Subscription


You can have some fun with this one. Search the internet for a club, or email subscription your friends would never sign up for on their own, and add their names to the list. Perhaps there is a group for people who eat paste, or a new religion no one has ever heard of that revolves around vegetables. This April Fools' Day prank is sure to leave them scratching their heads.

12. Boil All Of Their Eggs


If your friend or roommate has eggs for breakfast every morning, this fake out is perfect. Boil every egg in the carton, then put them back. Watch with delight as your friend tries to make their breakfast.

And, because I'm not into being mean I would also surprise my friend with fresh eggs once I had my April Fools' Day fun, but hey — it's up to you. Happy pranking!