The 12 Best Podcasts To Listen To While You’re Running

For some people, a high-energy pop music playlist is all they need to muster the energy go on a run, and to stay on a run. But for others, music just doesn't cut it, it isn't engaging enough to keep the mind distracted from the actual exercise factor. For those people, I highly recommend listening to podcasts while running, because nothing is more distracting and engaging than an intense or hilarious talk show.

If you're like me and need your mind to be completely entertained while you work out, you'll want to consider listening to a podcast instead of music. While a talk show doesn't amp you up in the same way that a power pop tune does, it keeps you invested much longer and more thoroughly. Plus, listening to a podcast while you run makes your exercise time also a learning time.

If you keep listening to the same hype mix while you run, you're not making the most of your exercise time. You're not learning anything, you're only getting through it. If you find a podcast that you love, your mind gets exercised while your body gets exercised and you are practicing double the level of self care. Here I've rounded up a few of my favorite high energy or intensity podcasts that will distract you in the best way, with an experience and with an education.

Straight Up with Stassi

Whether you know and love Stassi from Vanderpump Rules or have never heard of her before, you'll be equally as entertained by her witty, fast-paced podcast, Straight Up with Stassi. Listening to her hilarious sassy self will give you the kick in the pants you need to push yourself while you run.

TEDTalks Health

I consider listening to TEDTalks a form of going back to school. Every time I listen to an episode feel like I'm back in class and learning so much. While running, I find the TEDTalks Health podcast the most inspiring.

Dear Sugars

Cheryl Strayed knows a thing or two about keeping it moving, but even if you haven't read Wild, you'll quickly get to know and trust Strayed as a mentor worth listening to. Her advice is motivating and inspiring and listening to the Dear Sugars podcast while you run will make you feel empowered.


If you like to challenge your mind while you exercise, this podcast will do just that. Invisibilia features in-depth conversational meditations on complex and fascinating subjects. Literally every episode will blow your mind, that's kind of the point.

Call Your Girlfriend

If you're happy listening to two smart and funny women talking about everything informative and hilarious, you'll love this bestie-forward podcast, Call Your Girlfriend. With nearly 200 episodes, you can run a marathon and never run out of content to listen to.

U Up?

If you already follow Betches on Instagram and spend most of your time tagging your friends in their posts because everything is so relevant, you'll totally relate to their podcast, U Up? It covers all things sex and relationships and is juicy enough to distract you from the fact that you're sweating and out of breath.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness

If you are obsessed with the gorgeous Jonathan Van Ness from Queen Eye, you will easily be obsessed with his podcast, Getting Curious. His positive good vibes will give you all the mojo you need to complete your run. He covers literally every topic under the sun and finds a way to make everything interesting and fun.

Alice Isn't Dead

If you like horror, suspense, or just creepy weirdness, you'll love Alice Isn't Dead by Welcome to the Night Vale. It's so weird that you won't even be able to pay attention to the fact that you're exercising — it's perfectly distracting.

The Mortified Podcast

If running is really hard for you, listen to The Mortified podcast and laugh your way through it. Each episode features a performer reading live from their childhood diary and it is laugh-out-loud funny. It will make you forget that you're even running.

The Moth

If you need to get really focused on an intense story in order for something to hold your interest, you'll love The Moth podcast. It's incredibly engaging and each story shared will broaden your perspective. Just make sure you know the running route well, or else you'll get so lost in thought that you'll actually get lost.


If you're an Anna Faris fan, you'll love her hilarious podcast Unqualified that features amazing co-hosts. Nothing is off topic and you'll never get bored because every episode is entirely different.

Pretty Electric

If the thought of taking over the world with an entrepreneurial attitude gives you energy, you're going to love this lady boss podcast run by business mavens and real life BFFs. Pretty Electric is inspiring and badass.