How To Dress Like Jon Snow In Literally Two Minutes This Halloween

Every fandom needs a good Sad Boi, and Game of Thrones' Jon Snow does not disappoint. With his very sad eyes, his very sad history, and his very un-sad six pack, Jon Snow is the emo prince we all hope one day to deserve. Salute your number one sad boi with these easy Jon Snow Game of Thrones Halloween costume ideas. Just prepare yourself for the deluge of "You know nothing!" shouted in your direction all night.

When we first met Jon Snow, he was being raised at Winterfell as the bastard son of Ned Stark, Warden of the North. Though Jon, at 17, seemed to treat his half-siblings with kindness and respect, Ned Stark's wife, Catelyn, never embraced him as she did her biological children. Hence, the first source of Jon Snow's sadness. (Little did he know, as we would come to find out in Season 7, Jon was actually a Targaryen — and Ned didn't father him at all, Rhaegar Targaryen did with Ned's sister Lyanna Stark, and Lyanna asked Ned to take care of the child. It was a trippy episode.)

Jon Snow's ascent to Castle Black, home of the Night's Watch, leads us to his second sadness. Rather than it being a brotherhood of warriors, dedicating their lives to protecting thousands of citizens from what lays beyond the wall, Jon finds it to be a dumping ground, essentially, for petty criminals and unwanted sons. Alas, alack, Jon Snow is neither! He's a very loyal son and very good at fighting! Ugh, George R. R. Martin, never giving Jon Snow a break!

I won't go into the myriad of subsequent sad things for Jon Snow, as that list is worth at least several thousand words and a PowerPoint presentation.

Jon Snow, The Early Years

Ah, remember the good old days in Season 1, when Jon Snow was just the melancholic bastard son of the North who hung out with his Direwolf, Ghost?

HeraCouture Faux Fur Shawl, $23, Etsy

WenVen Men's Faux Leather Jacket, $48, Amazon

Dandelion the Little Plush, $9, Stuffed Safari

Ghost The Direwolf And Jon

Hey, man, Ghost the direwolf is more than a sidekick. He plays a pivotal role throughout the series, and, like, who's to say that Jon Snow isn't just the human sidekick in all of this?

Faux Fur Shawl Wrap, $28, Amazon

Funko POP Jon Snow, $10, Amazon

Jon Snow, Baby Crow

And my goodness, how bright-eyed and bushy-coated Jon Snow was when he first joined the Night's Watch? Swap out the brown leather for black, but hang onto your direwolf.

Faux Fur Stole, $20, Target

PVC T-Shirt Top, $10, Amazon

Jon Snow, DIY Crow

Look, maybe you don't support fast fashion, maybe you just want to be more ~creative~. Either way, you can easily DIY Jon Snow's Night's Watch look with pair of scissors, black masking tape and a lot of shredded trash bags.

Glad Dual Defense Large Drawstring Trash Bags (25 Count), $17, Amazon

Jon Snow, Literal Crow

You want easy? Buy a spooky crow mask and tell everyone you know nothing.

Accoutrements Spooky Crow Mask, $27, Amazon

Jon Snow, A Pun

If ever there was a time for puns, it's Halloween. Jon? Snow? Don't hate me because I'm right about this pun, hate me because I'm suggesting you wear a toilet seat — a "john" — around your neck all night and carry around snowflake, aka "snow," cutouts.

Bemis Molded Toilet Seat, $20, Amazon

Amscan Winter Wonderland Garland, $8, Amazon

Jon Snow with the Wildings

Like so many sitcoms that send their fledgling teens off to college, Game of Thrones sent Jon Snow to hang with the Wildlings. Yes, he experimented with his look, as can you by wearing this rug and belting it for some Wildling realness.

Sheepskin Rug, $53, Amazon

Faux Leather Obi Belt, $12, Amazon

Dead Jon Snow

Just nab some fake stab wounds (which look extremely gross when they're all lined up in their packaging and I'm very sorry about that!), easy peasy.

Zombie Scars Makeup, $9, Amazon

Resurrected Jon Snow

Take the Baby Crow look and add a little zombie-esque contouring. Melisandre the Red Priestess may be magic, but she's not that magic.

Zombie Kit Costume Makeup, $9, Amazon

Jon Snow And His Dragons

Honestly if you just wink at everyone and whisper "foreshadowing," a bunch of people will probably get it?

Full Length Hooded Cloak, $22, Amazon

Game of Thrones 3-pack Dragon Ornaments, $29, Fun

Jon Snow, King Of The North

Hear me out: A leather vest, worn backwards, is essentially the same as Jon Snow's armor, which is itself full of visual clues (check out this longer explanation here). Basically, after Jon Snow left the Night's Watch, he began wearing the same Stark armor as seen on Ned and Robb, hinting at his future plans for ruling the north, etc.

Men's Motorcycle Vest, $21, Amazon

Aegon Targaryen

The execution of this look is very much up for debate. You can dress in the classic Jon Snow lewk — leather shirt and a lot of fur — and just insist on people calling you Aegon Targaryen because it's canon, OK?! Or you can just dress like Jon Snow, carry those dragons from earlier in this list and wear a li'l crown.

Exquisite King Crown, $8, Amazon

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