12 ‘Endgame’ Reddit Theories That Are So Out There They Just Might Work

Every Marvel movie's had its share of hype, but with Avengers: Endgame literally taking audiences to the end of a major multi-movie arc, fans are in a froth trying to figure out how the chips will fall for characters they've followed for so long. Since Marvel Studios and Disney are keeping a hyper-tight lid on information doled out to eager audiences, fans have filled in the gaps with a slew of their own ideas, mostly on message boards where they spread and morph like wildfire. Leading up to the April 26 release, here are 12 Endgame Reddit theories ranging from pretty credible to oddly endearing (and utterly unlikely).

With 20+ movies weaving together characters over time, space, and even potential universes (plenty of theories hinge on that Quantum Realm coming into play), there's a rich field of material for fans to pick and choose from. That said, co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo went on the record over at Jake's Takes on BGR stating no one's yet guessed the ending correctly. Then again, they're also on the record with ComicBook.com as deliberately using misdirection to fool fans and keep people on their toes. So whether they're hiding some amazing twist even the weirdest fan theory couldn't grasp or throwing down a smoke cloud of disinformation before the big show, it's not going to stop fans from guessing every possible element right up until the title screen pops up in theaters.