12 Feminist Podcasts To Listen To During Women’s History Month 2019


March is Women's History Month (WHM), which means it's both a retrospective time to look back over the achievements of women throughout history, and a progressive time to look ahead to the accomplishments of women today and tomorrow. One of the best ways to participate in the month-long celebration is to take the time to brush up on women's history and support the women who are making history today. To bring the education to the comfort of your headphones, here I've put together a list of podcasts to listen to during Women's History Month. (And, of course, every month after.)

From female produced shows that feature feminist-forward content, to Women's History Month specials, these podcasts provide an in-depth look into women's contributions to national history, both large and small. Whether you choose to partake in WHM by supporting current female content creators or by learning about significant female-centric movements of the past, you're doing both yourself and your community a favor just by listening. Once you've picked a podcast that resonates with you, share it with a friend. Get a group of women together during the month of March to talk about what you learned and to catch up with each other and ask each other how you can best support each other.